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Why Do Women Hate the Vehicle Inspection?

If you need a vehicle inspection and you are a female, you likely hate the process. That shouldn’t be the case! Of course, no one really wants to take time out of their busy day in order to have a vehicle inspection done. But it’s a necessary part of car ownership. And women should be just as comfortable with it as most men are. Why are women so uncomfortable? Here are a few reasons. Keep in mind, they don’t relate to all women, but you may see yourself in some of the reasons.

Reason#1: Many Women Don’t Know Much About Cars
When women get their vehicle inspection and the mechanic finds something to bring up, some women are uncomfortable. They don’t understand what is wrong or what the mechanic needs to do in order to fix it. They feel completely vulnerable. They are being asked to spend money on something they don’t understand. They either have to bite the bullet, trust the mechanic, and do it, or take their vehicle somewhere else for another opinion.

Reason#2: Women Feel Overwhelmed by the Male-Dominated Industry
It’s true that men dominate many Rockville auto repair shops. There are a lot of male mechanics and there may even be men helping at the front desk and checking vehicles in and out for inspection. Some women are uncomfortable with the amount of men that are in the vicinity. With no other female in sight, it can be disconcerting.

Reason#3: Women Don’t Want to Get Duped
We’ve all heard enough horror stories to know that some car shops try to “pull one over” on customers, especially if they get the sense that the customers don’t know much about cars. They might pull a dirty filter from an old vehicle, show the customer, tell them it’s theirs and that it needs to be replaced, for example. No woman wants to spend money on something that doesn’t have to be done. Vehicle inspections can bring about these situations.

At Preferred Automotive, we want to make sure men and women are equally comfortable during the vehicle inspection process. We promise to do the following things to ensure your comfort.

1. We will explain issues in terms that you can understand. We know that not everyone (male or female!) is an expert on cars. We’ve gone through a lot of training to become experts ourselves. So we will explain any issues we find during the vehicle inspection in plain language without all the tech talk.

2. We promise to be polite and respectful, especially if we get the sense that you are feeling out of place or out of your element. We’ll help you feel as at home as possible during the vehicle inspection process.

3. We will keep our waiting room and restroom clean and comfortable for you.

4. We will follow up with the vehicle inspection so you can let us know how we did during the process. We want your feedback so our services can only get better!

Give Preferred Automotive a call today and set up an appointment for your vehicle inspection. You can reach us at 301-881-8530. You’re also welcome to stop by and ask questions. We’re located at 12356 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852.

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