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Why You Should Have an Auto Repair Shop Service Your Car’s A/C

The temperatures are finally starting to heat back up again in Maryland after another long winter. And you know what that means, right? It’s only a matter of time before you’re going to have to start using the A/C in your car again, if you haven’t already. Before you do, you should consider taking it to a shop that specializes in auto repair in Rockville, MD to have your car’s A/C serviced.

The A/C in your car might be working just fine at the moment. It might be blowing plenty of cold air and keeping your car nice and cool. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t have your car’s A/C serviced anyway before the temperatures really start heating up. Here is why you should have A/C services performed before the summer starts.

auto repair in Rockville, MD

Recharges your A/C system

The air that’s coming out of your car’s vents right now might be cold. But that doesn’t mean that your car’s A/C system is fully charged up. Your A/C system can still create cold air after losing some of its charge, but that obviously won’t last forever. When you bring your car to a Rockville, MD auto repair shop, they’ll give it the charge that it needs and make sure it continues creating cold air for months and even years to come.

Prevents oil and moisture from building up in your A/C system

Over time, oil and moisture can build up in your car’s A/C system and cause problems if you’re not careful. When A/C services are performed on it, any oil and moisture that has been trapped in the system will be removed along with the refrigerant that’s in it. Refrigerant will then be placed back into your A/C system minus the oil and moisture to make sure they don’t cause any issues down the line.

Takes very little time

Some people worry about having to turn the keys to their car over for an extended period of time to have their A/C systems serviced. But the truth is that it doesn’t take much time at all. Often times, you can have your car’s A/C system serviced while you wait. It doesn’t usually cost much to have an A/C serviced, either, even though it could save you from having to make much costlier repairs to your A/C system later.

Helps you avoid having your A/C stop working in the middle of the summer

There is almost nothing worse than climbing behind the wheel of your car on a hot summer day, turning the A/C on, and realizing that it doesn’t work. It’ll leave you sitting in a pool of sweat by the time you reach your final destination, even if that destination is just a few miles away. On especially warm days, your car might actually be useless because of your broken A/C system. It’s best to avoid finding yourself in this scenario by servicing your A/C system before it reaches this point.

Would you like to have your car’s A/C system serviced this spring before it begins to get extra hot outside? A Rockville, MD mechanic from Preferred Automotive would be happy to take a look at your A/C system and perform the proper services to it. Call us at (301) 881-8530 today or visit 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852 to schedule A/C services.

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