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What If You Don’t Get Regular Oil Changes at an Auto Repair Shop?

auto repair shop in Rockville, MD

When you own a vehicle, there is a lot of maintenance that you will have to do to it over time. One of the most common types of car maintenance is the oil change. You’ll need to have an auto repair shop in Rockville, MD change your oil once every 3,000 miles to keep your engine running smoothly. This is one maintenance step that you 100 percent can not skip under any circumstances.  

So, what exactly will happen to your car if you don’t make it a point to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles? The truth is that nothing will happen right away. But over time, you’ll notice serious issues with your vehicle, and eventually, it could shut down on you completely and force you to make expensive repairs to it. Here is what will happen to your vehicle if you don’t change your oil regularly.  

First, the various parts inside of your engine will start to overheat when you’re driving. 

Your car’s engine gets very hot when you’re driving it. The oil is what prevents heat from becoming a problem for your vehicle. It serves as a lubricant and prevents your engine’s parts from creating too much friction. But when you don’t have a Rockville, MD mechanic perform an oil change for you, the oil in your car will get dirty and won’t provide as much protection as usual. This will lead to different parts in your engine overheating and making your entire engine too hot.  

Then, your engine will become less efficient than it usually is. 

Once the parts in your engine start to overheat due to your lack of an oil change, your car will almost instantly become less efficient than normal. It will begin using more gas than it usually does, which will force you to fill it up more often. It’ll use the gas to try and neutralize the friction that’s building up in your engine because of your dirty oil.  

Next, the components in your engine will begin to warp. 

The components located in your engine are designed to withstand high temperatures. It’s why they won’t warp under normal conditions. But the friction that takes place in your engine when you don’t get your oil changed often enough can send your engine’s temperature shooting up to abnormal levels, which can cause certain components to warp. You’ll often find that different gears and valves in your engine will have trouble holding up in the heat that’s being produced.  

Finally, your engine will seize up and need to be replaced. 

In an absolute worst-case scenario, your entire engine can seize up when you don’t make a commitment to changing the oil in your car. The metal parts in your engine will only be able to rub up against one another for so long before the lack of lubrication causes them to fail. When that happens, your engine as a whole will fail, and you’ll need to either replace it or replace your entire vehicle.  

Replacing an engine in a car can cost thousands of dollars. If you want to avoid putting yourself in a situation where you could be forced to swap your old engine out for a new one, make sure you have oil changes in Rockville, MD performed at a reputable auto repair shop every 3,000 miles. Give Preferred Automotive a call at (301) 881-8530 to set up an oil change today or come and pay us a visit at 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852.

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