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What Happens During a Typical Tune-Up at an Auto Repair Shop?

Do you want to avoid having to do auto repair in North Bethesda, MD all the time? One easy way to prevent the need for auto repair is by having tune-ups done on a regular basis. Performing tune-ups can help you take preventative measures to keep your car up and running. It can also help you steer clear of repairs later on that could have been avoided. Here are some of the things that will take place during a typical tune-up on your car.

auto repair North Bethesda, MD
Air filter is replaced

The air filter in your car has a very important job. It’s in charge of making sure that plenty of air is able to work its way to your engine. This air mixes with the fuel in your car to keep you moving. When your air filter gets dirty, though, too much fuel and not enough air runs through your engine. This can wear down some of the parts in your car over time and lead to costly repairs down the line. Simply replacing your air filter during a tune-up will eliminate the chances of this happening to you.

Spark plugs are cleaned or replaced

Spark plugs are small, but they have a huge responsibility when it comes to the overall operation of your car. They spring into action when you turn the key for your car and allow it to start right up by sending out a tiny spark of electricity. Your engine’s pistons won’t start moving unless the spark plugs in your car are doing their job, and during a tune-up, a North Bethesda, MD mechanic will make sure they’re doing just that. If they’re not, they will either clean the spark plugs to get them going again or replace them altogether.

Fuel filter is replaced

The fuel filter in your vehicle does exactly what its name would suggest. It keeps the fuel in your vehicle running to your engine as smoothly as it can. But over time, your fuel filter can go bad, and it can cause all sorts of issues. Your engine might have a lack of power or stall whenever you push it due to a bad fuel filter. You may also experience engine misfires more often when your fuel filter is on the fritz. You can have it replaced with a new fuel filter during a tune-up.

Distributor cap and rotor are replaced

Most casual drivers aren’t all that familiar with distributor caps and rotors, but much like the other auto parts mentioned here, they’re important to your vehicle. They take the voltage created by a car’s ignition coils and move it to the cylinder in an engine to help ignite fuel. During a tune-up, a mechanic will make sure distributor caps and rotors are working as they should, and they’ll replace them if they’re not.

Would you like to hear about some of the other services provided during a typical tune-up? Preferred Automotive can set you up with more information on tune-ups and tell you which specific services we provide at our North Bethesda, MD auto repair shop. Give us a call at (301) 881-8530 today to arrange a tune-up or come pay us a visit at 12356 Wilkins Ave Rockville, MD 20852.

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