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Buying a new vehicle is so exciting! But, there are precautions to take beforehand, such as:
– Test-driving
– Financial reviews/budgeting
– Obtaining a vehicle inspection
Now, we assume you will test-drive a car or truck and review your personal budget prior to purchasing, but our team at Preferred Automotive wants to encourage you to also have it inspected before signing the dotted line… Here in Rockville, MD, our trained and professional team wants to help you understand why a vehicle inspection is so important. Check this out:

You will not break the bank

Before discussing the reasons to get your vehicle inspected, it is important to understand that the associated cost will not greatly impact your finances.

Improved gas mileage

One of the many perks of keeping current on vehicle inspections is the gas mileage. Knowing that your vehicle (or future vehicle) is working properly ensures you are getting maximum efficiency from it. In other words, if your car or truck is advertised to have 30 MPGs—that will be exactly what you get! And, as you know, higher gas mileage means you’re saving money.

Uncovering “recalls”

Dealerships and private sellers do not always disclose whether a vehicle has been recalled or not. This is something you need to know prior to making a financial commitment to ensure you and your family are safe.

Fixing major issues

Even though every vehicle manufacturer sends out countless pieces of literature with their different models, people still fail to read it and educate themselves and get their vehicles fixed timely/properly. Don’t let this be you!


The car you are considering for purchase may not immediately inform you that something is wrong—shocking, I know. The signals may be there, but it will take time for you to acclimate to a new-to-you-vehicle. For example, modern cars and trucks have a lot of signals and lights to let you know there may be an issue; do you know what they mean? Are you taking for granted what warning they give? Preventative measures can extend the life of your vehicle.

The inspection could help you negotiate

If a pre-purchase vehicle inspection does real a defect, but it is not one that is enough to warrant “breaking the deal,” you can use this information to negotiate the final price with the seller/salesperson. Individual sellers—for the most part—are honest about their vehicles; they just do not always know there is an issue. Of course, there are sellers who will unashamedly misrepresent the vehicle’s condition to make the most profit—rare, but true. In either circumstance, you want to ensure you are in the know and are accurately negotiating price.

There you have it. Rockville, MD vehicle inspection save you money. Whether you are in the market to buy, sell, or stay ahead of potentially expensive repairs down the road—do not skip this important part of vehicle ownership! And, if you live in the Rockville area, bring your car or truck here to our team at Preferred Automotive!

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