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Is it time to have your vehicle inspected? Regular vehicle inspection is necessary for car registration requirements. But did you know that it is beneficial to have your car inspected more than just once a year? The best thing you can do is find a trusted mechanic in Rockville, MD who can help with ongoing inspections and repairs throughout the year.

Vehicle Inspection by State

Every state in the U.S. determines vehicle inspection and registration requirements. Most states require a full inspection before the initial registration or ownership transfer. Other states require an inspection on a regular basis. Typical intervals for safety inspection are either every year or every other year, depending on the age of your car. Once you’ve passed inspection and completed the registration requirements, a decal sticker is provided to put on the license plate of the vehicle.

Here in Maryland, the requirement is to have a safety inspection before the initial registration or if the ownership of the vehicle is changing hands. Even though ongoing inspections aren’t required, you should still consider the benefit of taking your car in on a regular basis for a checkup. The only ongoing requirements by the state of MD is to have a smog check completed every other year.

Why Does the Government Require Inspection?

Most people know that annual vehicle inspection is required before car registration can be completed. Even though it seems like another thing to check off the list of requirements, this inspection is important. The state wants to be sure that cars are in good conditions on the road, which helps to protect everyone.

For example, if a person is driving a car that doesn’t meet safety regulations for brake performance, it is possible an accident could result. Not only are the passengers of the faulty vehicle in a dangerous situation, but it could also harm pedestrians and other drivers.

After your vehicle has passed the required safety inspection, you will be given a certificate to keep in the car. This certificate is necessary for the registration process.

Other Types of Vehicle Inspections

Are there other times when a vehicle should be inspected? There are instances when you might have certain parts of the car looked at to diagnose problems in the early stages.

Most mechanics will offer a general inspection during an oil change. When the vehicle is brought in to change the oil, it is a good interval to check the major systems and make sure everything is working properly. This preventive inspection helps the mechanic identify potential problems before they turn into expensive repair bills. As a result, you can choose minor repairs right now to avoid big issues in the future.

When you are driving the car, pay attention to see if you notice any unusual things. You might sense that the car pulling to one side. Or you could hear an abnormal sound when the engine turns on, or when you’re pressing the brake. Anytime something seems “off,” it is an indication that you should take the car in for a diagnostic inspection. Instead of doing a full inspection, the mechanic will look at the parts related to the symptoms.

Choosing a Mechanic for Inspection

How do you know where you should take your car when it is time for inspection? There are many mechanics in the Rockville, MD area. The best thing you can do is to find a shop that is convenient and trustworthy.

When it comes to convenience, it can be helpful if the shop can offer both inspection and repair services. If you go to a garage that only offers state inspections without repair services, you might find yourself running around town to locate another mechanic that can help. Here at Preferred Automotive, we offer a one-stop shop where you can access every car repair service you might need. Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to keep up with ongoing maintenance and repairs.

We know regular maintenance and repair work will extend the life of your vehicle. Our team works hard to partner with customers to find the best solutions for each vehicle. We will gladly answer your questions and talk to you about potential problems identified in the inspection. Then, we will put together a plan to keep your car in great condition.

If it is time for a vehicle inspection, we encourage you to call us at Preferred Automotive. We offer a convenient location at 12356 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852. Feel free to stop by anytime to see our shop or drop off your car. You are also invited to call in advance to discuss your needs and to schedule an appointment for your auto repairs: (301) 881-8530.