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Just as people need regular doctor check-ups and routine physicals, our vehicles need regular tune-ups. Waiting until a problem arises—in general—is not a good idea (with our health or our vehicles!). If we wait, it’ll likely be “too late,” or MUCH more extensive and expensive than consistently maintaining preventative care.
Now, this isn’t a health lecture, so don’t squirm too much. It is, however, our team’s version of a “keep your car working for YOU” article. At Preferred Automotive, our goal is to see our customers NEVER need a big-ticket repair. Of course, stuff happens. And, never at a good time for that matter… But there are ways to prevent assaults to your wallet with regard to your vehicle!

MAINTENANCE. It’s called maintenance, upkeep, tune-ups, preventative care. Call it whatever you want, forward-thinking and keeping ahead of potential issues is how you save yourself from unforeseen, major repairs.

Most experts recommend your vehicle undergo a basic tune-up every two years or 30,000 miles. This is in your best interest, not the best interest of the mechanic you frequent. Is your car brand new? Check your service warranty—it may cover your routine maintenance for the first two years! If you recently purchased a used vehicle or older model, you will most likely not be covered under a warranty and should assume you need a Rockville, MD tune-up service as a baseline “health check” immediately following purchase.

Why tune-ups for your vehicle are so important:
Tune-ups assess your vehicle’s overall “health” as a way to detect pending issues in the foreseeable future.

– Air filter: A bad air filter can and will reduce gas mileage and cause engine stalls. This should be replaced roughly every other time you have your oil changed unless advised otherwise by a professional.
– Oil and oil filter: Keeping your oil flushed and new and routinely changing your filter as needed is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Depending on your driving habits and patterns, your oil should be changed out every 3,000-6,000 miles.
– Fluids: Power steering, antifreeze, brake, and transmission fluid keep your car or truck working properly and long-lasting.
– Battery: Your battery should last for 6-10 years with little maintenance; however inspection of it and the area surrounding the battery is important to keep ahead of any issue (like needed battery acid build-up removal, for example).
– Windshield wipers: You will likely know when it’s time to replace these (don’t ignore the squeak or streak!), but a pro may detect a small tear or imperfection before an issue arises.
– Alignments and wheel bearings: Proper maintenance prevents wear and tear and makes for a smoother, safer ride.
– Lights and blinkers/turn signals): Especially helpful for singles—do you know if your brake lights are working? We will let you know and keep you from and an avoidable fender-bender or ticket!
Do you have a question about your vehicle? Give us a call—we are happy to help! The team at Preferred Automotive looks forward to helping you avoid a big-ticket repair with routine tune-ups here in Rockville, MD!

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