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Tune-Up Myths Debunked! Know When It’s Needed…

There are a lot of people without expertise in the auto-mechanic industry writing blogs and recommendations regarding “how to care for your vehicle” who, honestly, shouldn’t be. Have you seen those “tune-up specials” ads and “how-to” articles claiming you need to do extra for your car or truck? We have, too. Here at Preferred Automotive, we definitely advocate for vehicle tune-ups and regular maintenance. Absolutely. But, we want the residents of Rockville, MD, to be well informed—and to know the truths and myths about tune-ups!

Check out these 5 vehicle tune-up myths, debunked!

1. Tune-ups are needed to keep your car in top shape
Ok, ok. Yes, this is true. But, do not buy into the myth that a randomly scheduled, generic tune-up is necessary! Mileage-based services—with a tune-up in conjunction—is the way to go. Follow the list of service checks in your owner’s manual and the recommendations of your trusted mechanic, and you’re golden.

2. A failed emissions test means your car or truck requires a tune-up
Usually, an emission issue—one significant enough to cause an emissions test failure—has to do with your vehicle’s oxygen sensor. Our staff can scan the O2 sensor to check its effectiveness and correct or replace. But, this doesn’t mean you need a full-vehicle tune-up.

3. Tune-up “specials” are ALWAYS a good value
Hint: when you see “always,” it’s probably untrue. Further, a “special” needs to line-up with your vehicle’s needs. Will the so-called special run through a timeframe when your car or truck will need a tune-up? Have you been noticing a potential issue that you’ve been meaning to have checked out—and the special begins tomorrow? Are you coming up on 30,000 miles? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions—the special may be a good idea. If not, think twice and evaluate the value to you and your needs.

4. The “check engine” light means your vehicle—for sure—needs a tune-up
Not necessarily. A “check engine” light could mean many things. This warning is activated when the car/truck’s computer finds a problem. But, this could mean a simple misread (not based on emissions or engine performance) or a sensor needs to be cleaned or, yes; it could mean there’s an issue a tune-up would correct.

5. Vehicles need a tune-up as often as oil changes
No. This is completely untrue. The fact is, most cars or trucks will need a tune-up every 30,000 to 45,000 miles. Oil changes are between 3,000 and 7,000 miles.

Here’s the thing—don’t let a non-expert advise you of what to do with your vehicle. There are responsible ways to care for your car or truck, and there are frivolous, unnecessary ways to do so. Does your car need a Rockville, MD tune-up service? Yes, sometimes it does. Give our team a call here at Preferred Automotive, and let’s figure out when that is!

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