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When do you need to schedule time for a transmission repair on your car? Whether it is time for routine transmission servicing or you think your car has transmission problems, it is time to call our team at Preferred Automotive for more information. We offer high-quality auto repair services in Rockville, MD.

Signs that You Need to Call a Transmission Repair Expert

How do you know when you need to take your car in for transmission repair? There are several signs that could indicate your transmission is having problems. As you are driving, notice how the car responds when you speed up and slow down.

When you start to accelerate, do you notice the car is slow to respond or does it jump at certain intervals? Maybe you hear an unusual sound coming from the engine area when the car is shifting. The transmission impacts the gear shifting in the car so these warning signs usually occur during those transition points.

If your car is leaking transmission fluid, it is a sure sign that you need to take the vehicle in for diagnostic testing. When your car has been parked for a while, check the cement below to identify if any fluid is leaking. There are a few different types of fluid that your car uses, so don’t automatically assume that it is a transmission issue if you see fluid. Consider the benefits of putting a big piece of cardboard under the parked car so you can see the type of fluid coming out.

Most of the time, leaking transmission fluid will be red, but there are some types of transmission fluid that are green.

Prompt Auto Repair Services

If you suspect that your transmission has problems, the best thing to do is call a car repair expert right away. Small problems can lead to big issues in the future that will end up costing a lot more. It is cheaper to pay for a transmission flush or tune up right now, instead of waiting for the whole transmission to fail.

Some car owners make the mistake of ignoring problems with their vehicle. These issues might seem minor, but they can quickly grow into expensive repair bills. It is best to be proactive with your car repair, instead of waiting until the big problems have settled in.

Even if your car seems to be working fine, there are many benefits to scheduling regular inspections and maintenance. For example, auto repair shops will often offer a general inspection when you go in for an oil change. This inspection can help with early diagnostics to save you money and problems in the future.

How Much Does Transmission Repair Cost?

The cost of your auto repair bill will depend on the services that are needed. If you catch the problem in the early stages, you can save quite a bit of money. For example, a transmission flush or fluid leak repair might only be around a hundred dollars. But you could be facing a bill of several thousand dollars if you have to replace the transmission.

There are times when it is cost-effective to rebuild the transmission. Other times, it might make sense to replace the entire transmission. The best thing you can do is talk to your mechanic about the damage to determine the necessary repairs.

Another factor that influences the cost of the repair is the type of vehicle you own. The labor costs of a transmission repair service can change based on how hard or easy it is for the mechanic to access the transmission.

Choosing a Mechanic for Transmission Repair

If you are dealing with transmission problems, it’s important that you choose a mechanic you can trust. The foundation of high-quality repair services is the expertise of the mechanic that you choose. Talk to your friends and family members to ask for their local recommendations.

Also, learn more about the company you want to hire. A few online searches can uncover information about the mechanic, giving you insider details from other customers. If you find positive reviews online, it can be a good indication that you will also have a good experience.

Our team at Preferred Automotive is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We want to build a life-long relationship with you so that you always bring your vehicle to us when you need maintenance or repairs. We want to help you keep your car in good condition for years to come.

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