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Transmission Fails: What To Watch Out For

Everyone knows the transmission in a vehicle is important. When it “goes out” or is heading that direction, we all brace for the high-dollar fix looming on the horizon. Often times, a transmission’s “death” can call for the tough decision: to fix or to replace the car altogether?

But, how can one part of the vehicle be so important and how can you—as a responsible vehicle owner—take care of your car or truck so as to keep the transmission running smoothly for years and years?

Enter Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD. We get these questions all the time. Why is the transmission so important? How do I take care of it?

Let’s start at the beginning. What is the transmission? Simply put, this part is the Power House for your personal car or truck. More specifically, it aids in sending the power from the engine or motor to a drive mechanism and converts the speed into torque (force) by use of the gear/clutch.

Ok, so what does this mean in layman’s terms? This means the transmission allows your vehicle to move when you tell it to move in the way you tell it to, at the right speed. Just as a bicycle can not move without its chain, your car or truck can not move without its “chain,” the transmission.

So, how do a manual and automatic differ?

Remember the bicycle example? A manual transmission is essentially a more powerful version of exactly that. No, there is no chain in your car or truck as there is in a bicycle. But, the engine and transmission have to be disconnected, temporarily, when you shift gears—just as with a bicycle’s chain. Pressing the clutch disconnects the engine and transmission, and when you adjust the gear shifter you have “engaged the chain” in your car (placed it into gear).

With an automatic transmission, this process happens automatically. Chances are, you’ve felt or heard this happening: your engine roars louder and then you feel a “let down” as the sound drops out to a purr again—that’s your transmission doing its job for you.

How to take care of your vehicle’s transmission:

Of course, we can’t all be experts in everything; you have your job and we have ours here at Preferred Automotive. Our job is to know how to guide you in daily at-home maintenance, make recommendations, keep you current on routine in-shop maintenance, and fix issues/replacements/etc. to keep you moving safely out there on our Maryland roads. Memorize these tips from our pros to keep your transmission as healthy as it can be:

– Familiarize yourself with your Owner’s Manual.

– Pop your hood and check your transmission fluids, per the manual (not to be confused with the oil dipstick!)—remember to wipe the stick clean prior to performing the check.

– Get your transmission fluids checked per your vehicle’s requirements (this can range between 30,000 and 100,000 miles; know the requirements!).

At Preferred Automotive, we take your car’s Rockville, MD transmission repair very seriously—it’s the Power House that keeps you moving! Come, visit our shop. We know you’ll love it here!

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