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Top 5 Care Tips For Your Vehicle

Anything you can do to keep your car or truck running smoothly is worthwhile, wouldn’t you say? Unfortunately, keeping a vehicle running well, looking good, and lasting a long time is not the easiest thing in the world. Advertising tells us repeatedly that all we have to do is to “buy this magic solution” or “use this special oil” or “spray this on the wheels.” Too bad we can’t believe everything we hear on TV.

So, our experts here at Preferred Automotive want to remind the residents of Rockville of two things:
– If it’s “too good to be true”—then it’s too good to be true.
– Infomercials will not keep your vehicle running well and looking good; resist the temptation!

Regularly scheduled maintenance and following the manufacturer’s recommendations, as unattractive as that good ol’ rule sounds, are all you need to ensure the best for your car or truck. The truth is, there is no real “secret” to lengthening the life of an engine. The only difference between a car that becomes and money pit and a car that runs like a champ for more than ten years (of the same make and model) is the maintenance.

What does good maintenance look like? Check out these 5 tips from our team to keep your vehicle in “champ” status!
1. Tip: the oil is important
No other step in taking care of your car or truck will help an engine last longer than regular oil changes. Inversely, nothing else destroys an engine more efficiently than overlooking regular oil checks, flushes, and changes.

2. Tip: the cooling system is easy to forget—don’t!
This is a once a year maintenance item, so it is easily forgotten. But, flushing the system and changing the coolant annually helps keep it in good shape and helps to prevent corrosion and deposits from building up.

3. Tip: keep on top of changing out the transmission oils
A good mechanic will help you know when to do this and what viscosity of oil to use, as well. This maintenance item isn’t a frequent one.

4. Tip: cleanliness is close to…
When we think “clean,” we think of a gleaming hood and windshield—but what about the underside? We’re in the Northeast; the snow, salt, and dirt can become a big problem if left to get stuck to the underside of your vehicle. Be sure to hose-off the grime and buildup often, before it becomes a rust issue.

5. Tip: grease is good
Everything that moves on your vehicle needs grease. So, if you aren’t visiting a mechanic regularly, this is probably not happening (unless you know how to do some of your own vehicle maintenance in your home garage).
Remember: there is no “secret” to keeping your car or truck running smoothly and looking good as new. You simply have to keep up with auto maintenance Rockville, MD, keep your vehicle clean, and find yourself a good auto shop to service your auto needs. Of course, we hope you choose Preferred Automotive!

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