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Every vehicle on the road is made up of several moving parts, all of which need to be properly lubricated to work well. The oil in your car or truck provides this necessity. But, over time, all oil breaks down and eventually becomes contaminated with dirt, debris, and dust from the outside environment and from the vehicle itself. Naturally, the oil can’t properly perform its main function—lubricating and protecting your vehicle.

Our team here at Preferred Automotive can help you keep your car or truck in tip-top shape with regular oil changes. But, first, let’s talk about why oil changes save your vehicle’s life!

  1. Sustaining engine lubrication is vital
    All the parts of your vehicle, when moving, move at a high rate of speed under the hood of the car. So, your pistons, valves, and various engine parts are, essentially, all creating heat as you drive. Without “fresh” oil, un-lubricated friction causes heat which will wear down your engine. If you’ve ever experienced an over-heated engine, you know how big of a hassle this is.
  2. Oil “cleans” your engine
    Dirt, debris, and dust build-up are lethal to vehicle engines. You see, over time these foreign components cause corrosion which decreases the lifespan of any car or truck. Also, keep in mind that broken-down oil turns to sludge. The only way to keep this at bay is to keep up with regular oil and filter changes so new, “fresh” oil can keep your engine clean and remove unwanted particles.
  3. “Fresh” oil improves gas mileage
    Anything to get better gas mileage, right? A lot goes into getting the most miles per gallon out of your car; the way you drive, the types of trips you take, and how hard you hammer-down on the gas. But, many car owners do not realize that the oil in their vehicle directly affects their fuel economy! That’s right. And, it’s a significant difference. In fact, the US Department of Energy advises regular oil changes in order to improve gas mileage by 1-2%! It may not sound like much, but for the average-size vehicle, this increase equates to savings of an entire gallon of gas, yearly!
  4. Happy car, long auto-life
    Simply put, routine maintenance—especially regular oil changes in Rockville, MD —will help your car or truck last longer. Making your car work harder due to sludge and debris build-up does the same thing as an overworked heart does inside our bodies: it shortens life and lessens the overall quality of it. Keep up with oil changes!

If you live in the Rockville, MD area, come visit us here at Preferred Automotive. We can assess your personal vehicle with you, your driving style, and your monthly mileage to figure out what “routine” means for you. Here, our professionals want to provide you with the best, most necessary vehicle maintenance—and we will do it with a smile! See you soon!

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