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If everything we read and saw on television were the truth, keeping our vehicles “healthy” would take zero effort. They would run great, look new forever, and last longer than a decade without our involvement at all. And, the infomercials would have us all believe that some Magic Potion can keep our cars and trucks beautiful and like-new.

Though I wish this were true, it’s not, unfortunately. The blunt truth is that you really do need to put in a bit of work to ensure your vehicle treats you right and keeps looking good.

What does this mean for you, then? Let’s review with the help of our experts here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD!

  1. You MUST have your oil changed regularly
    There is nothing you can do for your car or truck that’s more important than this. Maintaining regular oil changes (whatever that means for your vehicle, specifically—check with our mechanics to find out the right incremental rule to follow!) will indisputably keep the engine healthy longer and running more smoothly.
  2. Concern yourself with the interior parts of your vehicle
    If you want your vehicle to shine as beautifully as it did the day you bought it, you need to take protective measures on its behalf. Examples:
  • Protect the plastic and leather. Whenever possible, park your car or truck in the shade. If there’s no shade where you’re at, invest in a windshield cover to keep the sun from baking and fading your interior. Tinted windows help, too.
  • Floors matter. Many cars these days come with good floor mats from their manufacturers, but many used vehicles aren’t always equipped with adequate ones for floor protection.
  • Clear as glass. Don’t train yourself to look through and past the film, streaks, or fingerprints on the inside of your windshield—spray and wipe the glass clean every so often so your view as your driving is clear and safe.
  1. Set boundaries
    You’re a grown up. You don’t want to be the 30-something driving around in what can only be described as a mobile trash bin. So, don’t let the clutter and the garbage pile up! Jump online and order yourself a fashionable vehicle trash bin. Make a habit of throwing away any litter at the gas station each time you fill up. Tell your friends they can’t throw their waste on the floor. Keep it nice!
  2. Wax on…
    Believe it or not, we recommend you apply a coat of quality wax to your vehicle’s exterior every six months or so. So many people completely neglect this—for years—and then they wonder why their paint looks bad. It’s worth it and it’s so easy to do! Wax on… Wax off…

The truth is, you do need to put in a bit of time and effort with your vehicle to keep it running longer and looking better. But, these four things are so simple! For more tips on how to care for your vehicle this summer, don’t pay attention to the infomercials; get a vehicle inspection in Rockville, MD, come visit the pros here at Preferred Automotive!

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