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Your car or truck’s brakes are arguably the most important automotive system any vehicle has. Its role in your safety, the safety of your family members and other passengers, and the safety of the other drivers on the road rely heavily on YOUR brakes working properly. That said, proper brake maintenance necessitates that you pay close attention to small details to ensure the overall functionality of your brakes. And, of course, to ensure their longevity (to save you money on unnecessary repairs!).

Now, most of you reading this article don’t know much about your vehicle’s brake system. That’s not a dig—it’s the simple truth. You have your areas of expertise and we here at Preferred Automotive have ours! And, being in the automotive services industry—we make your brakes our business.

Here are three items that need consistent checks and maintenance from you—yes, YOU—and our automotive experts here in Rockville, MD brake maintenance, for proper brake repair:

  1. Check your brake fluid
    Or, have a pro do it if you’re not confident. Part of your regular maintenance check includes having the brake fluids checked—either by you (if you’re familiar with this part of your engine) or your trusted mechanic. What you/they are looking for is brake fluid that’s a milky color, which means water or condensation has intruded and caused it to turn, needing to be changed. Take this issue seriously. Leaving the contaminated brake fluid alone will eventually cause damage to your master cylinder and wheel cylinders. While your car or truck is in our care, we will also “bleed” your brake lines to rid them of air pockets (this is usually a two-person job).
  2. Brake pads and rotors
    This is a non-negotiable and easy maintenance item to stay on top of. You don’t need to know much about vehicles to stay in front of brake pad and rotor issues. Simply listen to your vehicle; it will “talk” to you. Squeals, squeaks, grinding noises—these are all indicators that your brake pads are running low and needing replacement. Loud, attention-grabbing grinding sounds and sensations when you’re operating your vehicle could be an indicator that the brake pads are far gone, and you’ve begun causing damage to your rotors. This is not the cheapest fix; don’t procrastinate on bringing your vehicle in and avoid operating it until you can. Remember: brake pads are an inexpensive fix. Rotor replacement… not so much.
  3. Drive NICELY
    Listen, there is nothing our experts can do about how you choose to drive your vehicle. But, we can advise you in the best way to go. Here are a few tips to drive in a way that helps prolong the life of your brake system:
  • Do NOT drive with both feet (unless you drive a manual transmission). Drivers who use their left foot to brake tend to drag their brakes and wear down their pads.
  • Stop slowly at intersections.
  • Don’t “ride” other drivers (this causes you to have to brake more quickly and often).

Take care of your brakes! The pros here at Preferred Automotive can help you maintain your vehicle’s brake health so you and your family are safe!

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