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Tips To Maintain Your Vehicle

A car that looks good and runs well doesn’t happen on its own. Especially, in regards to older vehicles. The owner of a good-looking, efficient car or truck has put in work to keep it this way—he/she has taken the time to keep up with regular maintenance, car washes, and practiced responsible driving techniques.

At Preferred Automotive, we want to help you be “that” guy or gal—the one with the healthy, good-looking vehicle in Rockville, MD. New or old, it shouldn’t matter; you deserve a to be satisfied with your vehicle.

That said, the adage, “you must spend money to make money” applies to many facets of our lives; physical health, business strategies, and our vehicles! We all must give a little—sometimes a lot—to receive something in return. And, while there are many steps to improve and to lengthen your personal vehicle’s lifespan, let’s go over the Top 5 Tips together:

1. Choose your pump wisely
If your vehicle calls for 95 octane fuel—use it. Do not try to save a few bucks at the cost of ruining your vehicle over time—those numbers are not a suggesting and “under octane-ing” your vehicle is no joke. It’s a recipe for disaster. On the flip side, adding extra octane fuel (choosing 89 or 95 when your vehicle is designed for regular 87) will do you no special favors. Don’t waste your money.

2. Keep it clean
There seem to be two camps of people: those who wash their vehicles religiously and those who think and occasional rain will suffice or maintenance. Regular washing and waxing preserves the quality of the paint, prevents rust, and keeps your vehicle looking “younger.”

3. Be mindful of the weather
Here in the upper North East, it gets cold. We get slammed with the extremes of all four season. So, prepare! Don’t find yourself without proper air pressure in your tires, without windshield washer fluid, and get your car washed often if you’re currently in a snowy season or near the coast. Worth noting: the summer and winter months are the hardest on a vehicle’s battery, coolant, and tires—have these checked/serviced often.

4. Go online to research recalls
In general, manufacturers disseminate information regarding recalls directly to the vehicle owner. But, if you’ve recently moved, changed your name, or simply don’t keep up with the mail or news—you could be “in the dark.” Make it a habit to review recalls nationwide by searching the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website (found here:

5. Do NOT ignore the “check engine” light
I know. That thing lights up even when nothing seems wrong. This little light has a bad reputation for being melodramatic, but that does NOT mean it is to be ignored. Stop by Preferred Automotive any time to have our team scan the codes to translate the issues. This could be the difference between finding a loose cap somewhere and engine repair Rockville.

For more tips like these, come visit our team the next time you have a service need. At Preferred Automotive, your car or truck is in good hands!

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