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No one loves mandatory car inspections and regular car maintenance. To be honest, this kind of thing feels like a chore, doesn’t it? What, with all the day-to-day stressors and high-paced schedules the majority of us all have, wouldn’t it be nice if cars took care of themselves?

Unfortunately, we’re just not there yet in our technological advances. Though, here at Preferred Automotive, we strive to provide the best auto repairs, maintenance, and speedy inspections so you and your family can be on your way, timely. Keep reading to for advice from our experts!

Regular vehicle inspections are mandatory in our state for car registration requirements, as we all know. So, where do you go and how often do you have them? Keep reading.

Choose a trusted mechanic
There are places all over the place that can perform a state vehicle inspection for you. But, not all locations are also an auto shop, fully equipped to prep your vehicle to pass your inspection. Time is of the essence these days and, should you fail an inspection, you’ll need to make an appointment to have whatever repairs needed to pass a re-inspection. When you choose to have your car or truck inspected here at Preferred Automotive, we can take care of whatever vehicle needs you may have and so you can pass and go back to your busy life!

Vehicle inspections are ONLY a yearly thing
Our professionals are asked this question a lot: “should my car/truck be inspected more often than once each year?” Yes. It is a benefit to have your car inspected a bit more regularly. A good rule of thumb is to have it inspected every six months or so. Doing so keeps you in-the-know and in front of potential issues that could become significant if you only stick to the “once each year” mandate. Here are some of the areas we will inspect to keep your car in great working order (and, items you need to keep on your radar throughout the year):

  • Brakes and rotors: this is a regular maintenance item and should be checked each time you bring your car in for an oil change or any auto repair (big or small). Nothing keeps you safer than a healthy set of breaks.
  • Radiator: see a leak? Bring it in.
  • Heating and cooling unit: heating units should be checked in the fall, prior to the first cold snap; cooling units should be checked at the first sign of spring.
  • Air filter: for those of you with hard-to-reach filter, a pro is needed.
  • Oil: our experts can help you figure out how often your particular car needs an oil change.

It is also beneficial to have your vehicle inspected by our experts before going on a long trip. There is nothing worse than being blind-sided by an auto issue while you have a car full of impatient children eager to get to Grandma’s house, Disney World, or Niagara Falls.

If you need a Maryland state vehicle inspection in Rockville, MD, come see us here at Preferred Automotive—we’ll get you in and out of here in no time!

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