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Have you ever procrastinated on something and been sorely, sorely sorry you ever did? Well… I have. And it almost turned out disastrous. Three years ago, I distinctly remember hearing my brakes squeal when I came to a stop at an intersection. Dang, I thought. I need to get my brakes checked, soon. That was a good thought. The problem was, I never did. Over time, my brakes became louder and louder. Eventually, then started to grind and with each increased symptom/indicator I told myself I would schedule an appointment for “next weekend.”

Six months later, I was in a near-accident. I was driving the speed limit on a throughway, and someone ran a red light. I braked, but my car hardly responded. I pressed harder and harder… and I was only sort of slowing down. I heard an intense grinding and I remembered my procrastination. Luckily, there was space for me to swerve and slowly come to a stop in another lane. I was thoroughly shaken up. The car that ran the stoplight kept going and I sat in my disbelief, fear, and relief for five minutes before I called a tow truck.

Yes, I got my brakes checked—that evening. Procrastination had left me with hundreds of dollars to be spent on new drums, new brakes, and a few other related repairs. I was thankful the crew at Preferred Automotive here in Rockville, MD, didn’t lecture me too much. But, rightfully, they explained how far gone I’d let it go and how unsafe my car had become.

I had ignored the symptoms and justified waiting longer and longer in my mind. One of the experts at Preferred told me they, unfortunately, see this kind of thing a lot. People take their vehicles for granted—like I had—and forget how important it is to maintain our brakes, our tires, our oil changes, etc. When you think about it, a simple thing like procrastinating could have really harmed someone in the scenario I experienced. That truth has stuck with me.

These days, I make an appointment for the weekend following the very day I hear that initial squeal. I can’t afford not to, and the drivers here in Rockville deserve that from me. Driving is a privilege, you know?

I’ll leave you with this: get your brakes checked! The following are all indicators that it’s time:

  • Squealing when braking
  • Shaking when coming to a stop
  • A sticky brake pedal
  • Grinding sensation or sound as you brake or let off the brake to pull forward
  • Reduced responsiveness
  • Pulling to one side or another while stopping
  • Vibrations
  • A “check engine” or “check brake” light
  • A mushy pedal (one that goes straight to the floor when you press it)
  • An overly-sensitive pedal (one that seems to grab too soon)

If you live here or near Rockville, MD brake repairPreferred Automotive is a great place full of experienced, ethical technicians. Set your appointment sooner rather than later, please!

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