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The Downsides of Attempting to Do Brake Repair on Your Own

Rockville, MD brake repair

How hard could it be to do Rockville, MD brake repair on a vehicle? All you need to do is put your car up on a jack, take the tires off of it, replace the brake pads, pour in a little bit of brake fluid, and be on your way. Right?  

Doing brake repair might sound like a simple enough job. But it’s rarely that easy. More often than not, you’re going to encounter a few problems along the way while repairing brakes. Those problems could prove to be costly if you continue trying to repair your brakes on your own.  

The next time you think about repairing your car’s brakes, think again and bring your car in to an auto repair shop that’s qualified to get the job done for you. Here are just a few of the downsides of attempting to do brake repair on your own.  

Your car could need more than just new brake pads during brake repair. 

If the brakes on your car are making a grinding or squeaking sound right now, you might think your brake pads just need to be replaced. And that very well could be the case. But after you take your tires off and inspect your brakes, you might discover that they’ve worn down very unevenly. What then? You likely have a bigger problem than just needing new brake pads. Your caliper slide pins could be the issue, and your calipers might need to be cleaned, lubricated, or possibly even replaced altogether to fix your brakes. Suddenly, your simple brake repair job isn’t so simple anymore, and you’ll need to put everything back together and get it to a mechanic in Rockville, MD right away. 


You might not have the correct tools to complete brake repair. 

This is another problem that many wannabe mechanics run into when trying to do brake repair on their own. They get their tires off and go to access their brakes, only to realize that they don’t have the tools they need to change their brake pads and make other brake fixes. Most mechanics have thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tools at their disposal when working on cars. Chances are, you don’t have access to the same kind of tool collection. It could force you to abandon a brake repair job halfway through or invest in costly tools that are going to cut into whatever savings you’re experiencing by working on your own car. 


You could fix your brakes and find that they’re still making a lot of noise when you’re driving. 

Let’s say everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can while you’re doing brake repair. You get your car’s tires off. You change your brake pads. You get everything back on your car. And you think it was a success! But then, you start driving and hear your brakes grinding, squeaking, or making some other awful sound. Suddenly, you’re right back at square one. Are you going to have the patience to investigate the source of the sound and find out how to fix it? Probably not, which is going to leave you no choice but to have a professional look at your vehicle and repair your DIY fixes. It’ll prove to be a waste of both your time and your money. 


Driving around with bad brakes on your vehicle shouldn’t be an option. Neither should trying to do brake repair on your own. Let Preferred Automotive set you up with the auto repair services in Rockville, MD you need to get your car up and running the way it should again. Contact us at (301) 881-8530 to schedule brake repair at our shop, which is located at 12356 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852. 

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