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The 5 Most Common Engine Problems That Vehicle Owners Face

There are a lot of important parts located under the hood of your car. But obviously, there are none more important than your car’s engine. Your engine is the heart and soul of your car, and if there are ever any issues with it, you’ll want to have auto repair in Rockville, MD done right away to fix them. You should keep a close eye out for signs of trouble and get to a mechanic immediately if you spot them. Here are 5 of the most common engine problems that vehicle owners face.

auto repair in Rockville, MD

An engine that won’t start

Is your car not starting? This could be caused by a problem with your car battery. If your battery is dead, you’re going to need to either have it replaced or jumped to bring your car back to life. But this issue can also be caused by your engine. If you have, say, a faulty fuel pump or a fuel filter that’s blocked up, it might result in your car not starting. You’ll know your engine and not your battery is the problem if your engine doesn’t make any noise when you use your car key to try and start your car.

An engine that is overheating

Your car has a coolant system in it that’s designed to prevent your engine from overheating. But if your coolant system isn’t doing its job, it could cause your engine to overheat. A malfunctioning radiator can also result in your engine overheating if you’re not careful. You’ll need a Rockville, MD mechanic to check out your car if you find that it’s overheating all the time.

An engine that is smoking

Is there smoke coming out from under the hood of your car? This should be a huge red flag for you and a pretty clear sign that you need the help of an auto repair shop. Smoke can be a sign that your engine has a bad gasket or cylinder in it. There are also all kinds of other engine problems that can cause smoke. Take your car to a mechanic sooner than later to see what’s causing your engine to smoke.

An engine that is always stalling out

If your car is stalling out on you almost every time you’re sitting at a red light, you could be putting yourself and others into danger. It’s only a matter of time before someone slams into you when your car stalls. A stalling engine can be caused by fuel line or fuel filter problems. It can also be caused by spark plugs that need to be replaced. Figure out why your car is stalling so that you can have your engine fixed.

An engine that is making odd sounds

A noisy engine is an engine that probably has something wrong with it. Engines will often times make knocking or squealing sounds when there is an issue. You might have a bad starter or a timing belt that needs to be replaced if your engine is sending out all kinds of weird sounds. Make an appointment with an auto repair shop to have these sounds addressed.

Preferred Automotive is the Rockville, MD auto repair shop you can trust to work on your engine or any other aspect of your car. Avoid putting engine problems off for too long since they can cause more problems down the line. Call us at (301) 881-8530 today to have your engine serviced or visit us at 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852 to have your car looked at right away.

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