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What Does an Auto Repair Shop Do During 30/60/90K Maintenance?

Rockville, MD auto repair shop

If you’ve read through the owner’s manual for your vehicle, you’ve probably noticed that it includes a regular maintenance schedule inside of it. This schedule is often referred to as 30/60/90K maintenance because it calls for you to take your vehicle to a Rockville, MD auto repair shop for specific maintenance every 30,000 miles or so.  

It’s a good idea for you to abide by this 30/60/90K maintenance schedule if it’s recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. It’s also a good idea for you to take the time to learn about what an auto repair shop will actually do to your car, truck, or SUV when they have it for 30/60/90K maintenance. Here is what you can expect from them during this type of maintenance.  

Replace your spark plugs 

The spark plugs in your vehicle play a very important role when it comes to starting up your car. If they’re not doing their job, your car will either struggle to start or not start at all in some instances. Spark plugs usually need to be replaced about every 30,000 miles, depending upon what kind of car you have and how old it is. A mechanic in Rockville, MD can check out your spark plugs and swap them out for new ones. They may also opt to replace your spark plug wires.  

Check the filters in your vehicle and replace them as necessary 

There are a handful of filters inside of your car, including your air filter, your cabin air filter, your oil filter, and your fuel filter. As these filters get older, they’ll often start to get clogged up with gunk. When they do, they won’t work as efficiently as they should. A mechanic will take a look at your filters and replace them if they’ve seen better days.  

Top off and/or replace your brake, transmission, and coolant fluids 

The fluids in your car keep the different systems in your vehicle running smoothly. Over time, those fluids can get low and either need to be topped off or replaced. During 30/60/90K maintenance, a mechanic will check your brake fluid, your transmission fluid, your coolant fluid, and other fluids to see if they need to be topped off or replaced altogether.  

Rotate tires and check the pressure in them 

Rotating the tires on your vehicle will prevent them from wearing unevenly. It’ll also make them last longer and prevent you from having to invest in new tires anytime soon. Your 30/60/90K maintenance will call for a mechanic to rotate your tires and make sure they have enough air in them.  

Service your brakes 

Your brakes might seem like they’re working just fine. But it never hurts to have them inspected every now and then. A mechanic can check them out to see if there are any potential problems with them. It’s better to fix a minor issue with your brakes now than to try dealing with a major issue down the line.  

Inspect your timing belt 

The timing belt in your vehicle works to synchronize the crankshaft and the camshaft in your engine. If it’s worn out, it could prevent your engine from turning over, cause your engine to misfire, and more. A mechanic can evaluate your timing belt to see how much longer it’s going to hold up under your hood.  

By bringing your car to an auto repair shop for Rockville, MD auto maintenance, you can keep your warranty intact. You can also stop small car problems from turning into big ones and make your vehicle last longer overall. To schedule 30/60/90K maintenance through Preferred Automotive, reach out to us at (301) 881-8530 or come see us at 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852.

5 Signs You Need Tune-Up Service From an Auto Repair Shop

auto repair in Rockville, MD

As recently as just 20 years ago or so, just about all vehicles needed to have a tune-up done every 15,000 miles or so. But most of the vehicles on the road today don’t need to be tuned up that often anymore. In fact, there are some vehicles that can go for 100,000 miles in between certain tune-up services. It can make things confusing as far as when you should bring your vehicle in for a tune-up at a place that specializes in doing auto repair in Rockville, MD.  

One of the ways to make life easier on yourself when it comes to tune-ups is by looking out for some of the clear-cut signs that you need to have one done. Allow your vehicle to speak to you and look and listen out for the things that will let you know it’s time for a tune-up. Here are 5 signs you need to schedule a tune-up.  

Your vehicle is stalling out on you all the time. 

Does your vehicle cut off suddenly when you’re stopped at a red light or intersection? This could put you into harm’s way as you could end up causing an accident because of it. It could also be proof that you need to have a tune-up done immediately. Bad spark plugs or an issue like a clogged fuel filter could be causing your car to stall out early and often.  

Your vehicle doesn’t start up like it used to. 

If you have to turn your car key several times in order to get it to start up in the morning, there’s an issue. You might have a weak battery that needs to be replaced. You might also have a problem with your car’s starter. Regardless, you should have a Rockville, MD mechanic take a look at your car to see why starting is suddenly an issue.  

Your vehicle seems to be guzzling more gas than ever before. 

Does your car appear to be blowing through gas and costing you a fortune at the pump? Often times, that’s an indication that it’s in need of a tune-up. Your car will stop running as efficiently as it should over time. A tune-up can change that and help you start saving some serious cash on gas.  

Your vehicle’s brakes are squealing or making another noise. 

The brakes in your car shouldn’t make a single sound when you’re driving down the road. So if you hear them squealing, squeaking, banging, or making any other strange sounds, you shouldn’t ignore it. You also shouldn’t ignore your brakes if it’s taking a lot of energy on your part to apply them. It’s yet another sign that your car is probably due for a tune-up.  

Your vehicle vibrates a lot when you’re driving it. 

Your car is going to vibrate when you’re riding over rough terrain. But if your car vibrates all the time, even when you’re on a smooth surface, you likely have something going on with your tires. In some cases, your car will vibrate when you have a flat. But it might also vibrate when your tires are unbalanced or when you simply don’t have enough air in them.  

Have any of these things affected your vehicle recently? If so, take it to a Rockville, MD auto repair shop as soon as you can for a tune-up. Preferred Automotive can set you up with the right tune-up services to get your vehicle back out on the road in no time. Schedule an appointment by calling (301) 881-8530 or bring your car to 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852.

4 Signs It Might Be Time to Find a New Auto Repair Shop

Rockville, MD auto repair shop

Once people visit a Rockville, MD auto repair shop a few times, they tend to continue going back to it again and again. Even if they’re not 100 percent happy with the service they receive, the familiarity of the shop keeps them coming back. They don’t want to have to go through the hassle of trying to find another shop to service their vehicle.  

You should always remember that you don’t have to continue taking your car to one specific shop, just because. There are plenty of options out there, and if you’re not happy with your shop, there is another one that will gladly provide you with service. Here are 4 signs that will let you know it’s time to find a new auto repair shop right away.  

You don’t know if the mechanics in your auto repair shop are certified. 

Being an auto mechanic used to be a lot simpler 10 or 20 years ago than it is today. There weren’t as many vehicle options back then, and mechanics didn’t need to be certified in specific areas. But in 2018, mechanics need certain training and certifications to work on certain types of cars. If your auto repair shop doesn’t have certifications hanging on the wall for you to see, you might have cause for concern. It could indicate a lack of certified mechanics at your shop.  

You aren’t treated with excellent customer service when you visit your auto repair shop. 

There are far too many businesses that provide auto repair in Rockville, MD but do it without demonstrating excellent customer service. You are likely paying hundreds of dollars every year to service your car at one shop over all the others. The least they can do is welcome you warmly when you visit their shop and let you know they appreciate your business.  

You suspect your auto repair shop may have ripped you off. 

Do you feel like you paid way too much at one point for your auto repair shop to make a repair for you? You might not trust the shop to recommend services to you anymore. That’s a tough spot for you to be in since you could very well end up turning down a service that your vehicle actually needs simply because of the way you’ve been treated in the past. Find a new repair shop for your car if you have a nagging suspicion about your current one.  

You’ve heard about a much better auto repair shop from friends or family members. 

One of the best ways to find a reputable auto repair shop in the first place is by asking friends and family members for recommendations. If they suggest a shop to you, it’s worth exploring if that shop might be better than your current one.  

At Preferred Automotive, we work hard to earn the trust of all our customers. We appreciate when people bring their vehicles in to have them worked on by our mechanics in Rockville, MD, and we try to show it by setting them up with great customer service. See how we operate for yourself by calling us at (301) 881-8530 or paying us a visit at 12356 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852. 

5 Ways to Tell If You’re Dealing With a Dishonest Mechanic

Rockville, MD mechanic

Do you want to add years to your life? You don’t have to exercise everyday, eat better than you do now, or find a way to eliminate all your stress. The simplest way to live a longer life is by finding a reliable Rockville, MD mechanic that doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out. It’ll make a big difference in the way you’re living and take away whatever anxiety you feel every time you hear your vehicle make a strange sound.  

The best way to find a good mechanic is by steering clear of the dishonest ones that are out there. Keep reading to learn about the 5 ways you can tell if you’re dealing with a dishonest mechanic.  

Your mechanic is always recommending expensive repairs to you. 

If you own a car for long enough, you’re eventually going to need to do extensive repairs to it. But if your mechanic recommends an expensive repair almost every time you bring it in for service, there’s probably a problem. Either your car isn’t worth keeping for much longer or your mechanic thinks he can pull the wool over your eyes and get you to pay for anything. Either way, it’s not a good situation. 

Your mechanic fails to give you an accurate estimate after telling you what’s wrong with your car. If your mechanic feels as though you need to have a repair made to your vehicle, either the mechanic or someone from your Rockville, MD auto repair shop should set you up with an estimate that reveals how much it’ll cost to make the repair. You should never be asked to blindly approve a repair without knowing how much it’s going to cost you.  

Your mechanic “forgets” to show you damaged parts that need to be replaced. 

Did your mechanic just tell you that you need to replace a specific part on your car because it’s damaged? Ask to see what the part looks like before proceeding. Your mechanic should be able to show you your part and a part just like it in new condition. This will allow you to see what repair needs to be made and feel better about signing off on it.  

Your mechanic talks down to you when suggesting repairs. 

Your mechanic probably knows a lot more about cars than you do. But that doesn’t mean the mechanic should talk down to you and make you feel like an idiot. If your mechanic makes you feel uncomfortable when speaking with you about your car, consider going to someone who will work with you to come up with the right solution for your car rather than just barking orders at you.  

Your mechanic makes you feel like a second opinion isn’t worth your time. 

In the event that you need a really expensive repair made to your vehicle, it couldn’t hurt to take it to another auto shop for a second opinion. If your mechanic tells you it’s not worth your time to do it, it should serve as a red flag. You’re always entitled to get a second opinion on anything, just to make sure you’re not spending a fortune for nothing.  

Preferred Automotive hates to see people getting ripped off by dishonest mechanics. If you want to avoid working with one, come see what our excellent mechanics have to offer. They can do oil changes, brake repair in Rockville, MD, and whatever else you need done. Reach out to us at (301) 881-8530 or visit us at 12356 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852 to make an appointment. 

5 Questions You Should Ask Before a Trip to an Auto Repair Shop

Rockville, MD repair shop
Is your vehicle in serious need of service or repair? Then a trip to a Rockville, MD auto repair shop is exactly what you need. It’ll get your car fixed and back on the road in no time.  

But before you bring your vehicle to a repair shop, it’s important to ask a few questions to make sure your car is going to be in the right hands. Take a look at 5 questions you should ask before you take a trip to an auto repair shop below.  

“Who is going to be working on my car, and are they certified to do it?” 

A reputable Rockville, MD repair shop will be able to tell you exactly who will be working on your car when you bring it in for service. They’ll also be able to prove to you that the mechanic is certified and has the proper training to work on your vehicle. If, for whatever reason, a shop is unwilling to tell you who will be working on your car or unwilling to show you their credentials, it might be a good idea to take your car elsewhere.  

“Which services are going to be performed?” 

Some auto repair shops will attempt to upsell you and provide you with services that you didn’t necessarily ask for in the beginning. You’re allowed to politely decline them if you so choose. You’re also allowed to check in with a shop before any services are performed to make sure you’re on the same page with them as far as the services they’re preparing to provide. The last thing you want is for a miscommunication to lead to a mechanic doing more work on your car than you were expecting.  

“Will I receive a warranty on the services?” 

Not all auto repair shops are willing to provide customers with a warranty on the services that are performed. Ideally, you should find a shop that stands behind their work and that promises to come back and fix any issues that pop up in the near future. Those shops that offer warranties are often more likely to get the job done right the first time.  

“Will I be able to see the problem with my car before a repair is made?” 

If you’re not sure if a mechanic is giving you the whole story with regards to what’s wrong with your vehicle, ask a repair shop if they’d be willing to show you exactly what needs to be fixed. Most mechanics don’t have a problem bringing a customer back to the garage to give them a peek under the hood at what they’re seeing.  

“How long is my car going to have to be in the repair shop?” 

You want to get back behind the wheel of your car sooner rather than later. Ask a repair shop to estimate how long it’s going to take to fix your car. They should be able to tell you if it’s going to take longer than a few days so you can plan accordingly.  

Do you have any other questions you would like to ask before you have an auto repair in Rockville, MD made? Preferred Automotive would be happy to provide you with answers. Give us a call at (301) 881-8530 today or stop by and see us at 12356 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852.