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Engine performance is the #1 indicator of health for any vehicle. To paint you a picture: the engine is the “heart” and if it fails, you aren’t traveling anywhere. I say this not to scare you, but to tell you simply: if problems are not adequately addressed timely, you will find yourself immobile and digging deep into your wallet to pay for the needed fixes.

But, how do you monitor your vehicle’s health? Isn’t that for the pros?

Yes and no. Yes, mechanics should help you to keep up with your vehicle’s “goods” and “bads.” But, you—the car owner—are the filter through which all indicators need to be monitored. With more than 250 million vehicles on the road today, vehicle owners need to know what to look for, so they know when to give their local mechanic a shout!

At Preferred Automotive, it is our mission to help create a community of knowledgeable drivers. The way to do this is EDUCATE our customers on exactly how to monitor their vehicles in simplistic ways; ways in which anyone can understand. So, let’s discuss 3 signs your car or truck is in need of some auto repairs!

  1. Your vehicle has become a gas-guzzler
    If once upon a time your vehicle used to be known as “fuel efficient,” but it is suddenly guzzling down the gas, there could be an issue. Consult your owner’s manual to find the expected gas mileage—you need to know what you should be getting. Experiencing one or two tanks burning up too quickly could be cause by a number of different variables. But, if you’re noticing consistent and considerably different fuel economy, schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle into Preferred.
  2. Smoking exhaust
    This isn’t a sign of an “old crappy vehicle,” it’s a sign of an issue you don’t want. Asses the smoke color; is it:
  • Black? Your vehicle is burning fuel. This could mean there’s an issue with your fuel enrichment system or that you have a blocked air filer or carburetor issue. Regardless, this is a sure indicator your vehicle needs a visit with our experts.
  • White? Your vehicle is burning antifreeze. Typically, white smoke means there’s a leaking or broken head gasket and will need some attention from your trusted mechanics here at Preferred.
  • Blue? Your vehicle is burning oil. Seeing blue points to either an issue with your vehicle’s oil system or, even more serious, a piston ring or cylinder damage.
  1. A noisy engine
    Yes, some vehicles are meant to be noisy. But, if yours isn’t one of those, you shouldn’t choose to get used to a new knocking or clunking sound—find out what it is! Also, noise often comes with a foreign “feeling.” Has yours changed recently from a smooth ride to a rough one? The fix could be a simple as a gasoline issue. If fueling at a different station doesn’t change anything for the better, make an appointment to have the issue checked out ASAP.

We hope this helps! If you’re experiencing any of these issues and you’re near the Rockville, MD auto maintenance area, stop on by! Preferred Automotive will address and correct!

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