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State Vehicle Inspections: Your Questions Answered

Every state is different when it comes to state inspections. Some states do not require them, while others have very strict parameters around them. Our state—the beautiful state of Maryland—is a ‘tweener state; residents are sometimes required to bring their vehicles in for a state inspection.

When, you ask? Well, there are just a handful of circumstances which require a vehicle to be brought here to our team for a state inspection:

– If you have just moved to MD with a vehicle registered in another state, you need a state inspection.
– If you have inherited (congrats!) or purchased a used vehicle, you need a state inspection.
– If you failed a state inspection (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us), you will need a passing state inspection to legally drive.

Do any of the above circumstances apply to you? If so, keep reading to learn more.

If you’ve moved to Maryland recently…
Welcome to “America in Miniature!” Welcome to the “Old Line State!” Welcome to the “Free State!” Ok, now, what do you do? For starters, if you live in or near Rockville, give our team a call to set up an appointment for your state inspection ASAP. If you don’t live nearby, research to find where you can go soon. Our state requires that all vehicles registered to a Maryland resident be “cleared” for operation on our roads. “Cleared” means the vehicle checks-out with safety and emissions regulations. Things like: steering, brakes, lights, exhaust, window tint, etc.

If you have inherited or purchased a vehicle…
This is a fail-safe set up by the state of MD to make sure vehicle sellers/gifters aren’t skirting or overlooking state standards. In the off-chance that the vehicle’s history isn’t exactly accurate, the state inspection will ensure it is fit for driving.

If your vehicle failed its state inspection…
First, do not panic. This does not mean you will be banished from the roads! You will be immediately provided with the reason for the failure so you know precisely what to fix. If you choose to come to Preferred Automotive, you will receive this and a quote for the changes which need to be made. You have 30 days to take action (either with us or with another auto shop) and take another inspection test without an additional charge. See, not so bad, right?

Important: this process does NOT take long
We’ve found many new-to-Maryland residents wait and wait and procrastinate and push-back getting their state inspection because they assume the process is a lengthy one. It is not! In fact, state inspections rarely take longer than 45 minutes to complete. How’s that for efficiency?

If you need a state Rockville, MD vehicle inspection, we hope you will bring your car or truck here to us at Preferred Automotive. Our team would be honored to earn your business and show you what true customer service and satisfaction looks like.

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