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Seatbelt Safety for This Summer

You know that regular service is important for all the mechanical equipment in your vehicle. But it is also important to maintain the safety features in your vehicle to keep you and your passengers from harm. Most drivers in Rockville, MD know to routinely check the airbags and breaks. But few people are aware of the need to check seatbelts from time to time. People are killed on a more frequent basis because they don’t wear seatbelts or faulty seatbelts.

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How a Seatbelt Works to Save Your Life

The obvious way a seatbelt works in your vehicle is slowing down the body in a crash. Upon impact the velocity of your car slows dramatically, and you would keep going at the original speed of the vehicle without your seatbelt. It also spreads the force of impact holding you in place so you are less likely to crash into the dashboard or through the windshield.

Pay Attention to your Seatbelts

Because they are so important for your safety you want to give your seatbelts special attention at least every six months. Here are a few ways to implement seatbelt maintenance:

  1. Clean Seatbelts

Most people routinely clean carpets, upholstery, and dashes in their cars, but forget or ignore seatbelts and shoulder straps. All you need are some common cleaners and a little elbow grease to get your seatbelts clean. Mix hot water and automotive degreaser to clean the belts. Then rinse in clean water until it runs clear. But don’t put them in the dryer. Simply hang them in front of a house fan to dry.

  1. Check the Tension

You want a technician to make sure the tension on your seatbelts is in line with standards established by the automotive industry. There should be enough leeway for you to ride comfortably, but still maintain the function of the seatbelt.

  1. Replace Faulty Buckles

Maybe it jams when it is inserted. Maybe it doesn’t latch easily. If you notice a faulty buckle you need to get it in for auto repair immediately.

When Do I Need Seatbelt Repair or Replacement?

Seatbelts are not complicated. And fortunately it is easy to tell if they are in good working order. You will want to check them every couple of months. And it is time to replace your seatbelts if you notice:

  • Fraying
  • Nicks and cuts
  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Damage from an accident
  • Mechanical issues

Choose Preferred Automotive for Auto Repair in Rockville, MD

Seatbelts are not usually a driver’s primary concern, especially with newer vehicles. But you can’t afford to wait to service or replace your seatbelts, otherwise it may be too late. The seatbelts should be the most commonly used component in your vehicle. And if you notice something amiss you will want to get it repaired by a professional.

For more information about auto repair in Rockville, MD call (301) 881-8530. Our automotive technicians feel a personal obligation to each individual customer. They will work hard to get you safely back on the road in no time. You can expect honest and reliable auto repair at every visit. If you need seatbelt maintenance or other auto repair stop by 12356 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852.

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