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It is true, modern cars do not require as much attention as they used to, some 40-50 years ago. Be that as it may, you do still need to pay attention to your vehicle, as there are a few items that—until we graduate to flying cars and space travel—you will need to tend to on a regular basis.

Most drivers know personal vehicle maintenance is important, but it has become so easy to be wary of advice from just any ol’ mechanic—no one wants to be falsely advised to schedule an auto repair unnecessarily. So, many people turn to their manuals for guidance. But, there are enough service reminders in there to make your eyes cross! Fortunately, the experts here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD, want to point you in the right direction. If you just remember to keep up with these three items, you should be in good shape:

  1. Oil changes
    I know. Reading about this may feel redundant; like a worn-out lecture from your father when you bought your first car. The truth is though, he was right. Oil is like the blood of the entire engine. Without it flowing properly, your car or truck will quickly experience costly issues. Just like your circulatory system, the oil in your vehicle helps all its parts function smoothly and move easily and appropriately. Unlike our blood, your car’s oil needs to be replaced regularly to ensure it is clean and that the viscosity (thickness) is just right, so your engine’s parts can have proper lubrication. Thankfully, that old rule-of-thumb about “every 3,000 miles” has been done away with. What your vehicle actually needs is an oil change every 4,000-10,000 miles. For some of you old-at-heart readers, this may come as a shock—but this is the truth. Check your owner’s manual for the right mileage for your vehicle. Further, our pros can help you to land on the appropriate duration by discussing your vehicle’s age and your driving habits.
  2. Air filter
    The air filter is how your car or truck “breathes.” Imagine trying to get a deep breath in while pressing your face against a pillow… That’s how it is for your vehicle when you fail to have your filter changed out regularly. Again, this can vary based on your vehicle’s age, make, and your driving habits—so stop by to have us help you settle on an appropriate interval.
  3. Tire and brake pads
    We link these together because one is no good without the other. You can have brand new pads and bald tires, for example, and your vehicle will not be safe. New tires and failing brake pads don’t help you, either. Both need to be in good shape to make driving out there in the concrete jungle as safe as possible. Fast stops are inevitable, sometimes; you want to be able to do so.

Of course, there are our “top 3” regular auto repairs Rockville, MD we always like to advise our customers of. Come visit us today and let’s get you into a good routine for the future!

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