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Reasons You Might Have to Visit an Auto Repair Shop This Winter

Rockville, MD auto repair

Auto repair in Rockville, MD obviously isn’t exclusive to just one season. You’re just as likely to need to have a repair made to your car in January as you are in July. But there are a number of specific problems that can pop up in the wintertime when it comes to your car.  

You should make yourself aware of these problems before the start of the winter season. You should also get in touch with an auto repair shop sooner than later if you experience any of these issues with your vehicle. Here are a few reasons why you might have to visit an auto repair shop this winter.  

Dead or weak battery 

Have you had your car battery for more than three or four years now? If so, you might want to seriously consider replacing it before the temperatures drop even lower than they already have this winter. The cold weather can really wreak havoc on your battery and cause it to become very weak and potentially even die. If you notice that your car isn’t starting up as smoothly as it usually does once winter begins, call on a Rockville, MD auto repair shop to take a look at it. They might recommend swapping your old battery out for a new one or identify another problem with your vehicle.  

Thickening fluids 

When the temperature drops below freezing, most of the fluids in your car, including your oil, your transmission fluid, and even your antifreeze, will get thicker than usual. As a result, they won’t move through your car’s various systems like they normally do. You should get into the habit of changing your major fluids prior to the start of winter so that they’re as fresh as they can be. You should also work with an auto repair shop to maintain your fluids over time so that they don’t get too thick on you.  

Fuel lines that have frozen 

During the wintertime, you should always attempt to keep your gas tank as close to full as possible. Because when it’s empty, condensation will often form in the tank and then freeze, which can make it difficult for gas to reach your engine. You should also keep an eye out for signs of frozen fuel lines. If your car seems to be sputtering a lot and not driving the way it should, an auto repair shop can take a look at it and tell you if frozen fuel lines are to blame.  

Mysterious leaks 

In the winter, everything is always freezing and then thawing out before freezing and thawing out again. This process plays out over and over again during the winter months. This can take more of a toll than you might think on your car. It can cause issues with your brakes, your power steering, and even your transmission in some cases and lead to fluid leaking. Should you see signs of a leak in your driveway or on the street outside your home, you should investigate the cause of it with assistance from an auto repair shop.  

Are you currently dealing with one of the winter car problems listed here, or is there another issue that you would like to address? A Rockville, MD mechanic from Preferred Automotive can take a look at your car and get it up and running again. Call us at (301) 881-8530 or bring your vehicle to 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852 for service. 

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