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Picking The Right Motor Oil

There are various options when the time comes to have your vehicle’s oil changed—but do you really know the difference between them? Don’t worry, most people do not. Keep reading to learn with this short guide from the crew here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD.

Take note: not all oils are created equal. I know, I know—it can be frustrating when mechanics ask you if you want to get a more expensive motor oil for your regular oil change. Do not dismiss the suggestions, though. Different vehicles need different oils to run optimally.

Let’s learn about viscosity…
Sounds like a word reminiscent of a 7th-grade science quiz, doesn’t it? That’s because it is… Viscosity is the measurable thickness or thinness of [in this case] oil. Technically, it is “a liquid’s resistance to flow.” All motor oils thin as they heat and thicken as they cool back down. So, and oil is rated for one viscosity when it’s cold and another when it’s hot. A more thin-resistant oil is better for some vehicles and even for warmers seasons, while a thickening-resistant viscosity works best with other vehicles and colder seasons. There is a rating system on motor oil bottles we would be happy to explain to you at your next visit!

The oil types
Ok, before you nod your head and agree to an oil change with a motor oil you do not yet understand, check these out!

  • Premium conventional oil: This one is the standard for you new-car owners. Car manufacturers usually specify 5W-20, 5W-30, or 10W-30 (optional). Between these three ratings, nearly every light-duty vehicle is covered.
  • Full synthetic oil: Now, we are getting a little fancy. This oil is specified for high-tech engines, like your Corvette’s and your Mercedes-Benz’s and your Tesla’s. In order to be a full synthetic oil, it has to have passed stringent testing and be superior and longer-lasting in areas such as viscosity and other factors.
  • Synthetic blend oil: This one has been formulated to support somewhat heavier vehicles and higher temps. So, if you are an SUV or pickup truck driver—this is a good oil for you.
  • Higher mileage oil: Half of us fall into this category. If you are on the road with more than 75,000 miles on your car or truck, this is a good oil to choose. In fact, because so many people prefer to pay off their vehicles and drive them well into the 100,000+ range, higher-mileage oil was created as a response to the demand.

Do you feel like an expert yet? No need to—but now you know what we are talking about when we suggest a certain motor oil at your next scheduled Rockville, MD oil change! Remember: not all oils are created equal and your vehicle may need something different than your coworker’s vehicle. The team here at Preferred Automotive can’t wait to see you again, soon!

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