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How To Pass A Maryland Vehicle Smog Check

Passing a smog check here in Maryland is relatively easy. Now, to be clear, this is a not an article to help you circumvent the steps or responsibilities of having a healthy, safe car out there on the roads, but this is written to help you prepare—so you aren’t wasting your own time with a failure that will require a re-test.

Here in Rockville, the team at Preferred Automotive is invested in keeping you safe in your car, offering affordable and quality auto repairs, inspections, and smog checks, and providing information on the latter so you are in-the-know. Your time is valuable; why waste it getting a smog check without preparing to “pass the test?”
Here’s how to prepare for your Maryland smog check:

Drive on the highway
Drive around at all different speeds. If you typically drive your vehicle only on residential roads (and never at top speeds on the highway), your car or truck will not have the chance to burn off gas and oil residues (which could cause a failure with the smog check).

Change the oil
Dirty oil is never a good thing. Further, oil in need of changing will heighten the number of pollutants your vehicle emits—which can cause a smog check failure.

Address the “check engine” light
If your check engine light is on, this will guarantee a smog check failure. That light does not show for no reason; there is a problem to address. Is yours currently on? Pending smog check or not, bring your vehicle to us at Preferred Automotive and we will diagnose and correct the issue!

Get a tune-up
Are you overdue? If your car is at or over 30,000 to 45,000 miles and it’s never had a tune-up, it’s time. Or, if it is approaching 60,000 to 75,000 miles, it’s time. Or—ok, you can do the math. Tune-ups are important.

Inflate the tires
Sounds weird and unlikely linked to how your vehicle’s emissions, but it is connected. If your tires are underinflated, your vehicle may be working harder than it needs to just to run. In other words, it is probably releasing more pollutants into the air = potentially failed smog check.

Check the coolant levels
Or, have your Preferred Automotive professional check the coolant levels. If you are familiar with smog checks, you know the test is run with the vehicle stationary, which means there is less air flowing through the engine and radiator to cool the vehicle. Make sure your coolant level is good and your gas tank is full so as not to risk test failure.

Do you want more helpful tips like these? Our team at Preferred Automotive would love to talk with you! Do not be intimidated by your yearly Rockville, MD smog check—we’ll help you prepare and fix any potential issues keeping you from running legally and smoothly. We can not wait to earn your business. Come see us soon!

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