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Your Move To Maryland And Your Vehicle: Don’t Be One Of The “Shocked!”

So, you are planning to move to Maryland, are you? Welcome! We hope you stay for many years. Moving is a pain, though, isn’t it? There’s so much to do and so many little surprises that you just can’t plan for sometimes. Issues with your vehicle should not be one of these “surprises.”

The professionals here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD, want to help you remain surprise-free for your pending move, so keep scrolling to learn what to do with your vehicle in preparation of a smooth move!

Be prepared for your Maryland vehicle inspection BEFORE you arrive
This is the state rule: newcomers have to submit their vehicles to an inspection prior to registering it with the state. So, why not be prepared before you get here? Once you’ve arrived, you’ll have 60 days to have your car or truck inspected and registered with the state. Sure, this is enough time for you to get moved and settled, but if you’re anything like the majority—60 days fly by. Here’s a checklist for you, so you don’t find yourself surprised during your inspection at the tail-end of the moving process:

– Tire condition: don’t have your vehicle inspected with bald tires.
– Wheel alignment: does your vehicle ride straight? Check—does the vehicle pull to the right or left? Does it shake when you accelerate? These are common signs your alignment could need fixing.
– Fix any leaks: if you’ve noticed your car leaking on to your current driveway or parking spot, have this addressed before your inspection. (Even without a pending inspection, this shouldn’t go unaddressed!)
– Inspect windshield wipers: they need to work well.
– Check engine lights: if you have a warning on your dash, get this addressed prior to your inspection. An emissions failure is the #1 reason for a vehicle inspection failure.
– Speedometer and odometer: are they legible?
– Electrical system: do your windows, horn, and battery function properly?

The week of your move…
Since most of us fall behind on vehicle tune-ups, the week of your move is the right time to get under your hood for some last-minute preps:
– Top off fluids. Your fluids should be full and clean. Top-off your windshield wiping fluid, antifreeze (you are moving to the Upper Northeast, after all), brake fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant.
– Get the oil changed and the filter replaced.
– Double-check your tire pressure. A too-full tire could rupture on a long trip and a too-low one could go flat easily. You user’s manual will give you the correct number.
– Have a spare. And, be sure the tire pressure is good; you never know when you may need this.
– Battery health. If your battery is old or showing signs of degrading, consider cleaning it up or getting it replaced.
– Call your insurance company. Before a move is the right time to check with your company to see what changes (if any) need to be made.
– Clean the interior. Just as we all like to come home to a clean house after a vacation, you’ll love starting a new chapter with a clean and nice-smelling vehicle.

Again, welcome to Rockville, MD tune-up service! We hope you’ll come visit us here at Preferred Automotive!

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