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Why Have A Mechanic Change Your Oil?

Sure, changing your vehicle’s oil is relatively simple. Well, for most vehicles it is relatively simple… Anyway, there’s this divide amongst people—I’m sure you have noticed. You know, when your work office erupts with a two-sided “discussion” that sounds like this:
Side #1: Why on Earth would you pay someone to change your oil? I just do it myself!
Side #2: What? I don’t have time for that—I’d rather someone else did it.
Side #1: Huh… lazy.
Side #2: Who you calling LAZY?

Fun talks. Anyway, it’s ok! Not everyone has a professional handle their oil changes or tire rotations or coolant flushes and refills. But, there are good reasons to defer to the pros—so don’t let yourself be talked out of it! Here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD, we want to share a list of good reasons to bring your vehicle here to us for your routine oil changes. What do you think?

1. The cost is low, affordability is high
Of all the maintenance procedures your car or truck needs throughout the arc of its “life,” getting the oil changed has a minor impact on your wallet. The truth is, changing it yourself doesn’t actually save you much at all!

2. Time is money
Your time is precious. These days, life just DOES. NOT. STOP. Why not let someone else take care of a routine chore like an oil change so you can keep your family and activities at the forefront?

3. Two birds, one stone
When you bring your vehicle in to the professionals for its routine oil change, you are also submitting the entire vehicle to a professional eye. This is the chance for your mechanic to let you know if he or she notices any potential mechanical issues, to run a diagnostic check, check the tire pressure, and remind you of upcoming maintenance to prepare for.

4. Ask your questions and get some answers
(Did anyone else hear The Little Mermaid’s song when they read this subtitle? Just me?) When you drop off your vehicle and pick it back up, you have a chance—right then and there—to mention any little tick or change or noise that may have been catching your attention recently. Really, regular oil changes serve as accountability to address minor or pending issues before they grow.

5. Peace of mind
When an expert does it, you know it is done right. And—if for some reason it is not, there is very real accountability to protect you and your asset. Here at Preferred Automotive, you know your vehicle is in good hands, every time.

So, next time the work office debate pops up, drop these reasons on your coworkers for using the pros to handle your oil change! Maybe you will make believers out of them! We look forward to seeing you here at Preferred Automotive for your next Rockville, MD oil change. Looking forward to seeing you!

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