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It came as a surprise to me, years ago, that not all states require a smog test. You see, I was born and raised in and around the Rockville, MD, area. I knew about the smog tests required here at a very young ago. When I got my license, I remember my dad reminding me, “you need to remember oil changes, tune-ups, and smog checks—do not forget these.”

Naturally, I lumped smog checks in with the necessities—because my dad did. Just as I safely assumed all vehicles needed routine checkups and oil changes, I assumed all cars and trucks—in every state—were required to have smog checks, too. Then, I moved to Kansas for college. They don’t require this.

I’ve happily settled back into my home state again, with our beloved Northeast accents and crazy winters and smog checks. To be honest, I didn’t miss the requirement while I was away, but I appreciate the importance and wouldn’t change our state law regarding this for the world. Why?

For starters, I care about our environment. This is not to suggest other states with different requirements do not care, but I love that Maryland necessitates vehicle owners to prove their car or truck’s “worthiness” of our environment. This effort is to improve the air we all breathe. The amount and type of pollutants should be tracked and addressed, don’t you think? Smog check programs were specifically designed to identify vehicles with excess emissions for repair.

As vehicle age, they tend to work a little less smoothly, and slowly but surely begin to give off a bit more emissions than when they were “young.” In the state of Maryland, the year of your vehicle governs the sort of testing it will undergo. But, if your vehicle is from the current two model years it is exempt. Like I used to assume, many people think that their car or truck is just fine, that it is not harmful because they can’t see the emissions billowing from the vehicle. We’ve all seen those cars with the blue smoke-like “cloud” at an intersection a time or two… But, your car doesn’t have to be so obvious to be harmful to our air quality. In fact, emissions are nearly impossible to visually detect in most cases. For more information regarding vehicle Rockville, MD smog check, go here:

Like I said, I am happily settled in Maryland and I truly am proud that our state practices environmental responsibility. Need to know where to go to get your vehicle tested when the time comes? Check out Preferred Automotive right here in Rockville. They’ve been the most trusted auto repair specialists in the area since 1990. Their professionals are as good as it gets; they make me feel valued and appreciated—like one of their own. I love that I have a one-stop shop for repairs, replacements, factory warranty work, routine tune-ups, and smog checks. Visit them once and you will never bring your automobile anywhere else!

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