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Making Your Brakes Last Longer

The choice is up to you: you can make your brakes last a long time or you can wear them down quickly and replace them often. Assuming you—the vehicle owner—want to preserve time and money, our team here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD, has created this list of money-saving driving techniques that ensure your brakes last longer.

Preferred Automotive’s Top 7 Brake-Friendly Driving Techniques:

1. Speeding = worn brakes
When you stop your vehicle from high-speeds, your brakes pay for it, greatly. For example, stopping from 65mph forces the brakes to use more than 30% more energy than stopping from 55mph. And, since brakes are eliminated over time due to turning energy into heat, this means you have a lot of control over the lifespan of your brakes. What does this mean in practical terms? Quit speeding.

2. Coast when you can
There is nothing wrong with being a “coaster.” Let off the gas a bit when you know you will soon need to stop; like in a neighborhood or off-ramp or roundabout. Drop your speed from 65mph to 55mph, or from 55mph to 45mph, etc. before applying the brakes.

You should only use your right foot for the gas and brake pedals. Ever driven behind “that” driver who is going the speed limit with brake lights constantly lit? Do not be “that” driver. Not only is this irritating for the people following, it is unsafe, and it unnecessarily wears down the brake pads. By braking with only the right foot, you avoid simultaneously pressing both pedals and avoid “brake taps.”

4. Look ahead
We all learned this in Driver’s Education: look ahead, not immediately in front of you. Doing so ensures you will be able to notice traffic backups and time stoplights correctly. To review what we all know but sometimes forget: look beyond the traffic light, watch the cars in front of the one directly in front of you, and keep your eyes on the horizon.

5. Take a load off
Do not lug unnecessary stuff in your vehicle. Heavier vehicles are harder on brakes. It’s simple mathematics.

6. Upgrade
We only have ourselves to blame if we choose bargain brakes only to be disappointed in how fast they dissipate. Hint: get your brakes replaced with us here at Preferred Automotive and quality will never be a concern—quality products and mechanics are all we do.

7. Flush the fluids
Brake fluids need to be flushed out intermittently. Especially if yours is an older vehicle, you should not go over the recommended timeframe for a routine brake flush. Doing this ensures your vehicle’s internal workings last longer and work better.

Need more tips like this? Come visit the team here in Rockville, MD auto repair. The professionals at Preferred Automotive are courteous, honest, and focused on your satisfaction. We aim to earn your business and keep it.

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