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Making Your Brakes Last Longer

Failing brakes is one of the most common issues car and truck owners bring to us here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD. Why is this? Surely, we all know that keeping up with brake repairs, brake pads, and other brake-related things is important… right?

Our team has often discussed this very topic: why do vehicle owners find themselves in need of brake repairs and other related issues so often? And, over the years, we have come up with a list of common mistakes everyday people make that contribute to brake issues.

#1. BAD, bad, bad, bad vibrations—ignored
If your car is vibrating when you brake—whether you are slamming them hard or easing to a stop—this is no good. We often hear from our customers that their steering wheel or entire vehicle seems to be shaking when they come to a stop. Of course, we ask “how long has this been happening?” All too often, the answer is, “months.” MONTHS.

#2. Vehicle pulls to one side—overlooked
This one is usually detectable after it’s been happening for a while and/or when you come to a quick stop or a stop from a high speed. If your travel consists mostly of residential roads, however, a slight “pull” to one side could be nearly undetectable for a stretch of time. You can test this by loosening your grip as you come to stop (when safe to do so) to feel for a pull. Those of you who frequent the highways and freeways, you’ll likely notice this more easily. Pay attention!

#3. Adjusting for a less-than-effective stop
What do we mean with this one? Ok, imagine your car seems to stop a little less quickly than it used to, but you aren’t sure. So, the next stop you make you decide to brake just a bit sooner. Everything seems fine. A couple days later, you feel that same mild uneasiness when you come to a stop. So, you adjust again. Eventually, this “padded” adjustment time when braking becomes normal. Do not just adjust—go to see your trusted mechanic immediately.

#4. Dismissing a spongy brake pedal
A noticeable change in how your brakes feel when you press the brake pedal is not just a “new quirk” your car has. If it catches your attention—it is meant to. Do not let yourself become used to a change like this.

It’s simple: if you notice any one of these four warnings that your car could use Rockville, MD brake repair, replacements, new pads, rotors, etc. and you do not address it right away, you are at risk of allowing its symptoms to become “normal.” When this happens, further damage is done, the cost of repairs rises, and the risk to your safety (and anyone else riding with you or next to you) heightens.

Do you think your car or truck could use a brake check-up? Do you have questions about anything we’ve discussed here, today? Give our team at Preferred Automotive a call. We’d love to help!

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