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There’s no better day like TODAY to love your vehicle. Just as you do with your sweetheart—give him/her love, respect, attention, appreciation—you must do the same for your car or truck! Not sure how to show your sweet ride you love her dearly? Keep reading for some expert suggestions from our team here at Preferred Automotive!

Be faithful
Your car or truck deserves the best from you; slack off and become negligent and you’ll find yourself in a world of trouble! Drive nicely, brake responsibly, don’t ride on the clutch, or hammer-down on the gas before your vehicle is properly warmed up!

Don’t be a cheapskate
Cheap labor and parts are exactly that: cheap. Penny-pinching too much and skimping on maintenance, parts, and service will cause your car to suffer—and, your wallet will suffer in the long-run.

Pamper your love with her favorite cocktails!
Just as you would do for your real babe, your car needs liquids to stay happy (and healthy!). Be sure to keep her topped off with the right ones:

  • Engine oil. You need to be sure you’re getting your car or truck in for an oil change regularly. Now, I know the old rule was “every 3 months or 3,000 miles, but that’s no longer necessary for vehicles in production today. Check with your trusted mechanic to confirm what “regular” means for yours!
  • Windshield washer fluid. Check your owner’s manual to locate the washer reservoir. Resupply this by dumping it carefully and directly into that location—every six months should be just about right. Or, of course, as needed.
  • Coolant. Let her cool down a bit before checking the engine levels. If you’re unfamiliar—stop by here at Preferred Auto, and we’ll show ya! This maintenance is easy-peasy; you simply find the line and, if the coolant level reads below it, fill ‘er up!

“Shower” her with love (and cleanliness!)
Hygiene is important in a relationship. So, don’t let your car turn into a disgusting state of disarray! Dirt and pollutants cause pimples on our skin, right? They also cause harm to your vehicle’s “skin,” too! When the dirt, dust, debris, and pollen are mixed with rain, the paint on your car or truck suffers. Over time, signs of damage show with fading, chipping, and rust. At least every couple of months, be sure to treat your vehicle to a good wash.

Look out for her health
If you need professional help to fix your beloved, then get it. Don’t try to resolve an issue yourself without the skills to do so.

Prioritize special anniversaries
You’re in trouble at home if you miss a special date! Don’t make the same mistake with your vehicle! When it’s time to have her oil changed, get it done—don’t make her wait. Get your vehicle serviced when needed. Schedule regular  auto maintenance in Rockville, MD checks at all the important milestones: 20-40-60-80-100 thousand miles. Seasonal checkups are important, too—especially here in Rockville, MD, where the winters are harsh.

Want to learn more about loving your car or truck the way it needs you to? Give our team of experts here at Preferred Automotive a visit. We’d love to counsel you!

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