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Knowing if Your Vehicle Needs Engine Repairs

Vehicles are like fussy children, sometimes. They’re needy, expensive, and often display confusing forms of communication when something isn’t quite right.  

A vehicle’s engine is intricate and requires routine maintenance in order to remain healthy and happy. To reduce the chances of neglect and wasteful spending, here are a few “confusing forms of communication” your vehicle may display to let you know it’s in need of auto repair in Rockville, MD.   

auto repair in Rockville, MD

Weird Noises   

Knocking noises coming from underneath the hood of the vehicle which seem to louden and quiet as the vehicle accelerates and slows are a sign that the engine bearings are wearing out. Do not neglect your fussy car or truck of needed service when this symptom arises, or you’re sure to soon find yourself if need of expensive engine repairs. To reduce the chances of a costly repair, bring it to a trusted shop ASAP.   

Discolored Exhaust   

Vehicles in distress will give visual cues that there’s an issue, too. Excessive colored exhaust smoke, depending on the specific color, can mean trouble.  

  • Black smoke: this is a definite sign that the vehicle is burning too much gasoline. Letting this go without attention could rapidly lead to motor problems.  
  • Blue smoke: a blue color in the exhaust usually means there is an oil leak. If this is happening, this will allow oil to be burnt up. Thus, problems.  
  • White smoke: this color puts your vehicle at risk of overheating—it means the cooling system is working improperly.  

Check Engine Light Warning   

Don’t ignore the check engine light just because the last time it flickered on there was a minimal issue. Check engine lights warn the operator of an array of problems; some small, some big. Not all have to do with the engine, but some do. When and if this light flicks on, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your trusted mechanic immediately to prevent a potentially growing problem.   

Strange Vibrations  

A shaking car is a car with an issue. When do the vibrations happen? How intense is the shaking and does it go away after the vehicle starts coasting? Focus on where the shaking feeling seems to be generated from.  

  • Vibrating steering wheel: this most likely means the wheels need an alignment.  
  • Vibrating brake pedal: the brakes could be worn or are going bad.  
  • Vibrating accelerator: this warning sign points to an exhaust leak. 

Sloth-like Acceleration   

Drivers who’ve driven the same vehicle for a lengthy stint of time will know immediately if the car or truck is being abnormally sluggish. This could mean a few different potential issues:  

  • Dirty air cleaners 
  • Clogged fuel injectors  
  • Engine wear  
  • Transmission wear  
  • Low tire pressure  

To learn more about warning signs you need to heed, come visit the professionals at Preferred Automotive. If your car or truck is being fussy—there’s probably a good reason. Don’t delay in getting it checked, you could end up with an expensive Rockville, MD auto repair bill. Call us at (301) 881-8530 if you’re hearing, seeing, feeling, or experiencing any of the above communication from your vehicle! We’re located locally, at 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852. We’d love to earn your business!  

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