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What To Know About Maryland Vehicle Inspections

Before you register your vehicle here in Maryland, it’s important (and mandatory) you have a thorough inspection performed. Here at Preferred Automotive, we would be happy to be your go-to! You see, we believe that getting your new or new-to-you vehicle inspected should be an easy and uncomplicated task; not a tedious and confusing one. So, to help the residents of Rockville, MD, we have created this quick little guide to get you brushed-up on inspections so you know what to expect!

When to have your vehicle inspected
Our little state only requires you to have your car or truck inspected for a couple reasons:
1. You just moved here to Maryland and your car is currently registered in another state.
2. You just bought, received as a gift, or inherited a used vehicle.

Next steps
If you just moved here, welcome! Where are you from? Oh, we hope you love it here as much as we do. In fact, Preferred Automotive has been around since 1990. This is our home and we take great pride in serving the residents (our neighbors) here in Rockville. Maryland has a rich history and unique culture—you’ll see! Anyway, your next step is to schedule an appointment for an inspection. Don’t worry, you have time to get settled. If you just arrived, you have 60 days to pass inspection and register your vehicle. If you are the new owner of a used vehicle, you have 90 days to have it inspected before registering.

Where to go to schedule an inspection
Wherever you choose to go (and we hope you choose to visit us here at Preferred!), just be sure the location is authorized by the state to perform inspections. Considering you probably use your car every single day, choosing the right place is important. So, what makes a location “right” for you, beyond being licensed? Here are a few things to consider:
– A one-stop-shop is convenient. Why not schedule your vehicle inspection at the same place you can have repairs done, if necessary? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your oil changed, your car or truck inspected, and the repairs made as needed all at the same place?
– Somewhere local. There’s no need to drive out of your way to have your inspection completed. That’s just a waste of your time.
– A reputable place. Long-standing businesses got their years of experience by doing quality, trustworthy work. Check out the shops that have been around for decades—there’s a reason they’ve been successful.

The cost is worth it
Knowing you are driving around in a safe vehicle is practically priceless wouldn’t you say? A lot is riding on those tires: you, your family, other loved ones, belongings that aren’t easy to replace… But, this doesn’t mean you need to overpay to have a proper vehicle inspection. In 2016, the average cost was between $90-$150. For a one-time thing, I’d say the cost is worth it.

Do you need a Rockville, MD vehicle inspection? Give our team here at Preferred Automotive a call. We would love to be of service to you!

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