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Independent Auto Repair Shop Vs. Car Dealership: Which Is Better?

When you’re in need of auto repair in North Bethesda, MD, you’ll have two main options that you can go with. You can either take your vehicle to an independent repair shop or bring it to a car dealership. Both of these options will allow you to get your car fixed up and back out on the road in a hurry.

auto repair North Bethesda, MD

But there are a lot of advantages that come along with taking your car to an independent auto repair shop as opposed to a car dealership. You should consider them before you decide to take your car to a dealership. Here are some of the reasons why an auto repair shop will provide you with a better overall experience.

More personalized service

When you take your vehicle to a car dealership, you are unfortunately going to be just another number to them. They see dozens, if not hundreds, of people walk through their front door every week, and there’s a good chance they won’t recognize you in the future once your car is done being fixed. A smaller North Bethesda, MD auto repair shop, on the other hand, will treat you like family. You’ll get to talk to your mechanic if you want to and establish a relationship with them over time.

Better prices

Generally speaking, you’re going to spend more taking your car to a dealership than you would bringing it to an independent auto repair shop. A dealership can’t afford to cut deals with their customers due to the high overhead costs associated with running one. Smaller auto repair shops, meanwhile, can extend all kinds of great offers to their customers and find ways to help them stay within their budgets. You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to do auto maintenance and repairs with them.

Excellent mechanics

There are some people who mistakenly believe that the mechanics at auto repair shops somehow aren’t as good as the ones at dealerships. But in reality, most auto repair shop mechanics cut their teeth working at dealerships before heading out on their own. It never hurts to check the credentials for mechanics at auto repair shops. But more often than not, you’ll find that they’re just as qualified, if not more qualified, than the mechanics at dealerships.

Work on more types of vehicles

Many dealerships specialize in working on just one or two types of vehicles. If you bring them something outside of their wheelhouse, they may not be able to work on it for you. They may also struggle to diagnose the specific issues that a car has with it. Independent auto repair shops can work on just about any vehicle. You won’t have to worry about the mechanics at one being unfamiliar with working on your car.

Try an independent auto repair shop out the next time you need repairs made to your vehicle. You’ll see the difference between working with an auto repair shop and working with a dealership right away. Preferred Automotive can set you up with a North Bethesda, MD mechanic and allow you to experience it for yourself. Give us a call at (301) 881-8530 today to arrange to have repairs made to your vehicle or bring your vehicle to 12356 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852 to allow us to take a look at it.

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