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Important Vehicle Warning Lights You Should Know About

These days, cars are filled with all sorts of details: lights, graphics, and gadgets. Some of these are attention grabbing and more important than others. If one of the following lights pops up on your modern-day dashboard, you may need to schedule a visit with a local mechanic for a simple auto repair in Rockville, MD  

Temp Light   

For car and truck owners who want to avoid expensive auto repairs, pay attention to this little light if it ever pops up. The temperature light is different than the temperature gauge. While the gauge is there to keep monitor of the engine’s heating and cooling, the temperature warning light is meant to let the driver know that the coolant has heated up past the point of safe operation. Overheating the engine requires a significant bill to be fixed—so pay attention to this lighted warning; it could save you lots of money.   

Battery Light   

A vehicle’s charging system, if in trouble, will trigger this light to let the driver know one of several issues is underway:  

  • Belt slippage. This inhibits the alternator from producing the voltage required to keep a car or truck running properly.  
  • Battery dying. When the battery itself is no longer charging correctly, it needs to be replaced.  
  • Drain in the system. This could strain both the alternator and battery to the point where neither can produce enough voltage to keep the vehicle running well.  

Check Engine Light   

This one is arguably the most important light warning. It shows up when a vehicle’s computer generates an error code. Occasionally, the check engine light turns on when nothing is wrong—but this is rare. When this “false warning” happens, it could be a temporary issue caused by changing humidity, for example. In this case, the light should turn off by itself by the end of the day. But, if it doesn’t, don’t ignore this light, it can mean one of many real issues, including:  

  • Failing oxygen sensor  
  • A faulty tail light 
  • Loose gas cap 
  • Catalytic converter  
  • Malfunctioning spark plug wires  

For a quick read of the check engine light warning, have it plugged into a code reader at a trusted auto repair shop.   

Rockville, MD auto repair

Tire Pressure Light  

Contemporary cars and trucks come with an internal monitoring system that tracks the amount of air in each tire. If this light flicks on, one or more tires has an incorrect amount of air in it, and this needs to be fixed for the vehicle to operate most safely and efficiently. In general, this light is a warning to the driver that the tire pressure is too low—but, it can also warn of a too-full tire.    

Pay attention to the modern-day vehicle lights when they pop up. They may save you a lot of money and time in the long run. Here at Preferred Automotive, we want our neighbors to be safe when they’re out on the roads. Come, visit us if one these lights show up, here at our Rockville, MD auto repair shop. We can be reached by phone at (301) 881-8530 and we are located at 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852. 

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