The Importance Of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Car trouble is frustrating, especially when we are busy, in a hurry, or far away from an auto shop. “Sudden” car trouble is almost entirely avoidable though. Regular car maintenance and service will help prevent “surprise” situations that cause you to miss work or leave you somewhere, stranded.

At Preferred Automotive here in Rockville, MD, we want you prepared and safe out there on the roads! We make it our business to extend the life of your vehicle as long as possible through proper maintenance. Why is this so important? Check out this quick guide!

The importance of basic car maintenance & services
There are many measures you can take to keep your car running at its best. First, find yourself an honest, reliable auto shop. You want to look for the following:

– An established business—in other words, a shop that’s been in business for at least 5 years. Longevity will answer all sorts of questions without you having to ask them: do you have repeat business? Do you have a rapport with the community? Do you have substantial references, should I need them? (note: Preferred Automotive has been in business serving the Rockville area for 26 years and counting!)

– Good rapport with the community—you can establish this by asking the people you know who’ve used a given repair shop for their maintenance needs about their experience. This is particularly important if you are new to the area.

– The company checks out with your “gut”—you probably know what it feels like to speak with a less-than-honest auto mechanic. So, use your experience and let your gut guide you. If something feels strange or doesn’t feel inviting and honest, find somewhere else to call your auto shop home.

Once you’ve chosen the right Rockville, MD auto repair for you (and we hope that’s us here at Preferred Automotive!), there are three areas you need to maintain to ensure smooth, safe, predictable vehicle operation:

1. Engine checks: the engine is the heart of your car or truck. So, if it is not working properly, your vehicle will quickly become useless.

2. Transmission checks: there are warning signs long before your transmission will decide to quit—come visit our staff and we will get you up to speed on what to look for; things like slipping, rough shifts, delayed engagement, clunking sounds, and fluid leaks.

3. Brake checks: it’s not cliché to abide by the “check your brakes” rule—this really should be part of your basic care maintenance checklist. Fluid levels need to be kept right. And, be sure to pay attention to any squealing sounds or vibrations when you press the brake; these two signs are dead giveaways for brake issues.

The team here at Preferred Automotive would love to earn your business and become your trusted auto shop for all your vehicle maintenance needs. Come visit us and see for yourself why we’ve been in business since 1990! We love this industry; we love the people in the Rockville area. Our reviews show our customers are treated like family. We wouldn’t have it any other way! We hope to see you soon.

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