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How to Tell When an Auto Repair Shop Should Replace Your Tires

Are the tires that are on your car more than three or four years old at this point? That might mean that it’s time to change them. Most tires will only last for about 50,000 miles or so, which means that they’ll reach the end of their life expectancy within just a few years. You should have a shop that specializes in auto repair in North Bethesda, MD replace your tires for you at that time.

But old age isn’t the only sign that you need to replace your tires. There are also other signs that you’re going to see when it’s time for you to kick your old tires to the curb and get new ones. Check out some signs that’ll let you know you need to do tire replacement below.

auto repair North Bethesda, MD

Your tires are bald.

The outside of your tires are supposed to have treads on them. These treads are designed to grip the road when you’re driving so that your car doesn’t slip and slide around. They’re also designed to keep your car steady when you’re driving in the snow or rain. But over time, those treads can start to wear away and leave your tires bald. Bald tires are not safe and should be replaced right away as soon as you notice them.

Your tires have cracks in them.

The treads are probably the most important part of your tires. But just because your treads appear to be in good shape doesn’t mean your tires are good to go. Over the years, the sides are your tires can start to crack and wear down on you. When this occurs, you might be more susceptible to blowouts, which can put you, your passengers, and other drivers at risk. Rather than ignoring cracks in your tires, you should talk to a North Bethesda, MD mechanic about tire replacement.

Your tires are shaking a lot.

It’s not out of the ordinary for tires to shake a lot when you’re driving over rough terrain. But if your tires shake almost all the time, even when you’re on a nice, smooth road, that’s a problem. It could mean that your tires aren’t balanced or that they’re not aligned properly. Either way, you’re going to want to take your car into the shop immediately to have your tires looked at. They may need to be replaced or you might have something else that’s causing your car to vibrate and shake.

Your tires have cords that are showing.

Tires have cords in them that reinforce the tires and provide them with the support they need. While these cords play an essential role in the operation of your tires, you should not be able to see them at any point. If you can see your cords poking through, it means your tires have worn down way too much. Your tires are going to fail sooner or later if their cords are showing, and it could cause you to get into an accident if it happens when you’re driving. Replacing your tires will be your only real option.

Are the tires on your car on their last legs? Bring your vehicle to Preferred Automotive to have them replaced. Our North Bethesda, MD auto repair shop can help you find new tires for your car and put them on the right way. Give us a call at (301) 881-8530 today to arrange to have tires replaced or come pay us a visit at 12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852.

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