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Are Your Headlights Good To Go?

Most drivers find themselves doing at least some nighttime driving. This time of year, the days are getting shorter and shorter—especially here in Rockville, MD! Winter is drawing near and that means the dark hours are increasing. Whether you do a lot of driving, just a little, or are planning a cross-country road trip sometime soon—safety should always be a concern. So, a properly functioning set of headlights on your vehicle is a must.

When the sun goes down, driving risks increase exponentially. The reason for this is that our vision is compromised (even if you have flawless sight!). Our depth perception is negatively affected, our scope of peripheral vision shrinks, and color recognition becomes more difficult. In other words: we can see less and what we can see is not as distinctive.

So, before the days get too short, be sure your vehicle is ready for nighttime driving. These headlight tips from our team here at Preferred Automotive should help drivers better prepare for the shorter days ahead and improve safety year-round:

Headlight Maintenance
– Replace BEFORE burning out: Over time, headlights dim. In fact, you could be driving for weeks and weeks before a burnout occurs with less visibility. The average driver waits until one or more lights burn out, however. This is a bad idea because, with diminished light from your headlights, you pose a greater risk to you and anyone else out on the road. Do you remember the last time your headlight bulbs were changed out? If not, it is probably time.
– Swap headlights in pairs: So many drivers fail to do this, but this is an important tip. Because you headlights will dim over time, a new lightbulb paired with an old one creates an uneven view of your path and surroundings. This can be a major distraction and add distortion to your field of vision.
– Upgrade your lights: As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Better headlights will increase your visibility on the roads at night, which can also make you a more secure and confident driver. It’s no secret that confident drivers have fewer accidents. Further, with more visibility, your reaction time increases. Look for headlight bulbs with a whiter light, too; the hue allows you to better distinguish objects, roadblocks, bends, and potholes.
– Cloudy is not good: Have you noticed a cloudiness on your headlights? This is caused by the sun’s rays and it reduces the light from the bulbs making it through the lenses to light your way. Visit your local auto shop to find out what can be done or if you need to replace.
– If you can’t, find someone who can. There is no shame in choosing not to DIY your headlight replacement. Replacing bulbs can be tricky. Find yourself an auto repair shop you can trust to take care of this for you if you are uncomfortable changing your headlights yourself. Better safe than sorry!

If you live here in the auto service Rockville, MD, area—we would love to be of service! Safety for our neighbors and customers is our top priority. Give us a call today!

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