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I have worked at Preferred Automotive here in Rockville, MD, for over 10 years. Naturally, I keep up with my vehicle maintenance. Unfortunately, many do not. I don’t judge them for this—it is all too easy to underestimate brake repair importance when you don’t work with vehicles every single day.

If you happen to be anything like me, you have your personal vehicle checked regularly: oil changes, filter replacements, brake pad replacements, etc. But, I know at least half of you reading this air on the side of procrastination. So, just for fun, let’s play out a scenario: what happens when you don’t get your brakes repaired.

If you haven’t procrastinated to the point of brake failure, I’m about to walk you through the in-order steps of what will happen…

What is the brake system?
We’ll start here. Your vehicle’s brakes are comprised of pads, linings, and rotors. They’re all housed right next to the wheels and push against one another to create friction which causes your car or truck to stop. There are two kinds of brake systems: discs and drums—discs being the most common. Disc brakes stop in the same way a bicycle’s brakes stop it: the brake pads squeeze a spinning disc and the friction makes the car slow/stop. Drum brakes work in the opposite way: the brakes push out against the spinning drum and the friction slows/stops the vehicle.

Now, in this order, you stand to pay for the following:

  • Squealing brakes pads: you will need to replace the brake pads only
  • Flashing brake warning light: your pads have worn low, you will need to replace them very soon
  • Grinding sound/sensation when stopping: you will need new brake pads and you will probably need your rotors resurfaced, if possible
  • Shaky steering wheel when stopping: new brake pads and most likely resurfaced or replaced rotors/drums
  • Increased stopping distance, mushy brake, sticky brake: new pads, possibly entirely new rotors or drums, and an extra inspection of your pedal to make sure everything is working properly

I want to stress that if you experience most of, or surpass these symptoms, you are flirting with experiencing brake failure altogether. This could mean a wreck, injuring you, someone else, and damaging an unmeasurable amount of personal or public property. What could have only cost you less than $100 could reach tens of thousands of dollars (or more), should your brakes fail you.

Unfortunately, brake failure does happen—but it is absolutely preventable. Trust the experts: regular brake inspections and timely brake repairs are too important to be procrastinated on! Be like your trusted auto technician and practice regular maintenance and brake checks!

If you live in or around the Rockville area, our team would love to meet you and assist you with your brake repairs Rockville, MD (or anything else you may need pertaining to your vehicle!). Give us a call!

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