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Get An Oil Change Without Being Ripped Off

These days, it’s easy to mindlessly set an appointment for service to your vehicle, pay, and leave without ever really knowing if you paid a fair price or an inflated one. Think about it: you really do have to entrust your vehicle to an expert for most services (unless you have a background in mechanics)—which means you must trust them when they tell you a final cost. Sure, you can compare prices around Rockville, MD (or wherever you reside; Rockville is my home), but who has time for that?

Time is the most important commodity in our culture, so, bouncing around to different mechanics for something as simple as an oil change price comparison is silly. So, how can you be sure you’re being treated and charged fairly for your oil change service? The team here at Preferred Automotive has a few pointers for you!

1. Be selective—even for a simple oil change
If you can do it yourself, do it! If not, then be choosy when you’re setting an appointment with a new shop. Sure, there are plenty of drive-through places you can go to, but do you know the quality of their work? Find a reputable shop; one that does more than just oil changes so you can return for future services with people who know your car and have cataloged its history.

2. Know a good price range
For any auto service, you should know a reasonable price range for your area. This can vary from state to state, region to region. In general, however, prices for simple services like oil changes, tire rotations, alignment, etc. will be pretty inexpensive. Knowing a range will keep you from being talked into overpriced services.

3. Beware of add-ons
Remember when I mentioned bringing your vehicle to the same place for all routine services (and other not-so-routine services, if possible)? Here’s why: keeping your records in the same place mitigates the opportunity for you to forget what’s “next” on your list of upkeeps. For example, here at Preferred, we keep a lengthy record of all our customers’ vehicles so we know when to advise them of their next needed appointment. Add-ons you may not need right now:
– New wiper blades: have you noticed them working poorly? No? Then… maybe there’s no reason to agree to have those changed out.
– The top-of-the-line oil change: most cars do just fine with the basic oil change. If you have a luxury vehicle, you may want to consider the added upgrade. If not, you likely don’t need this.
– Washer fluid: a new bottle costs under $3; you can sometimes do this yourself for cheaper than you can pay someone else to do it.

Remember that your time is important and it doesn’t need to be spent bouncing around from auto shop to auto shop. Put a little effort in now to pick the best place for your vehicle so you can schedule your next Rockville, MD oil change or tire rotation without worrying about being overcharged. If you live in or near the Rockville area, the team here at Preferred Automotive would love to earn your business! Hopefully, we’ll see you soon!

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