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Finding Quality Auto Service Before You Need It

For many Rockville drivers, a good mechanic isn’t considered until something goes terribly wrong. Unfortunately, when your car suddenly fails or you have an unfortunate automotive accident, it’s likely the worst time to look for a mechanic. After all, you have work, the kids, and household responsibilities that become much harder without a vehicle to use. This situation leaves many drivers feeling desperate, which results in settling for low-quality technicians and expenses prices in the hopes of receiving your vehicle back as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to find your ideal mechanic before things go wrong.

  1. Check with Friends and Family

Friends and family are some of the best references you can find while searching for the right auto-technician. Not only are they reviews you can trust, but these are the people who know which areas of customer service are most important to you and can answer any questions you may have about their experience. Often, good and bad online reviews are left immediately after service or in the heat of the moment and don’t reflect how that customer felt about the work later on.

  1. Give Them a Call

You can tell a lot about customer service from a quick phone call. If your questions are answered abruptly, or the mechanic gives you the feeling that you’re wasting their time, chances are their service won’t be up to par when you need it the most. Some questions you may want to ask on the phone are: How long have you been in business? Are you familiar with my specific type of vehicle? Can I receive a free estimate before service?

  1. Take Them for a Test Ride

Need to get your oil changed or car tuned up? Take it into a new mechanic that you would like to learn more about. The task is simple enough to complete by any mechanic, but the experience should give you a good idea about their customer service skills, pricing, and what to expect for larger repairs.

  1. Look for Certifications, Awards, or Recognitions

Professionals know what quality work looks like, which is why it’s important to look for recognition of excellence from other industry leaders. Feel free to ask about any special certification, awards or press recognition the service shop has received in the past.

At Preferred Automotive, we understand the stress and pressure that comes along with vehicle difficulty, which is why we always offer transparent auto service in Rockville, MD with quick results. We want you to know exactly what you’re paying for, which is why our expert team will walk you through every step of the repair process in a language you can understand. We have been providing drivers with superior service for over 20 years, and have been happily handling everything from oil changes to full body work. If you have more questions about our services or would like to make an appointment to bring in your vehicle give us a call at 301-881-8530 or stop by our garage located at 12356 Wilkins Ave Rockville, MD 20852.

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