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Wouldn’t you agree that preventing a problem before it’s a BIG problem is the best was to “Adult?” Seriously, why wait for some small issue to snowball into a real issue that costs you even more in the future? Here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD, we believe in saving our customers time and money—and to do that, you need three things:

  • – A trustworthy, dependable auto repair shop
  • – Preventative automobile maintenance
  • – General knowledge about your own personal vehicle

That said, let’s get you pointed in the right direction!

First thing’s first: find where an auto repair shop to call YOURS
This may not feel like the easiest of tasks, we know. There’s a lot to think about when choosing where to entrust your car. But, choosing is actually not that difficult; it boils down to a few specifics (we like lists, can you tell?):

  • Trusting your gut: don’t ever settle on a repair shop that makes you feel uncomfortable or taken for granted. If something feels like a Red Flag, it probably is. Look around when you are at a shop—is it clean? Are the staff friendly and helpful? Do they answer your questions? Is service timely?
  • Checking reviews: of course, you’ll want to filter out the reviews that seem ridiculous. But, pay attention to what people have to say (overall) online about different repair shops. And, for those who do have something negative to say—keep reading and assess the level of professionalism the company expresses in its response to the displeased customer.
  • Scoping out the website: how does the company present itself? How long has it been around? These are both telling details. A well-organized site says the owner takes pride in presenting his/her company well and understands the importance of being informative. How long the repair shop has been around reveals its rapport with the community and the likelihood that the culture is honest and quality enough to remain in business.
  • Services provided: a full-service repair shop is a place you can call “home” for your vehicle. For example, here at Preferred Automotive, there are services for virtually any needs:
    • o Regular maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, brake services, alignments, courtesy checks, etc.)
    • o Diagnostics (we have a top-of-the-line electronic diagnosis center)
    • o Smog checks
    • o Major issue repair (timing belt replacement, transmission and engine replacement, etc.)
    • o State required safety inspections
    • o Much more…

Staying ahead of the game:
Preventative maintenance is our anthem. It’s too important to make sure you nip an issue in the bud so you avoid costly repairs. We’ll keep record of your vehicle’s history to help you keep in front of problems at the first sign of trouble.

Knowledge is power
With the right Rockville, MD repair shop, you won’t have to be on-guard against unnecessary “recommendations.” But, we always advise our customers to learn a little about their vehicle so they can better describe to our technicians what they hear/see/smell/feel to avoid future issues. It’s as simple as pulling out that manual and doing a bit of reading (and chatting with our professionals to learn a bit each time you visit!).

We hope you’ll choose Preferred Automotive as your vehicle’s “home” repair shop. See you soon!

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