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You may be the sole owner of your vehicle and spend most rides solo or a busy mom who hauls a load of kids to soccer games and recitals all week long. Whatever you use your vehicle for—you want to be as safe as possible, right? Of course, you do!

Here in Rockville, MD, we deal with a unique combination of weather and traffic. Taking care of your vehicle sometimes feels as cumbersome as keeping up with your everyday schedule! The professionals at Preferred Automotive want to help you with this quick guide to caring for your MD vehicle!

Hush up and listen!
Listening to your car is one of the best preventative measures you can take in caring for your car or truck. Is there squealing when you break? Does the engine seem to be making a new noise when you put the car into reverse? Do you hear or feel a vibration? Any new sound is usually an indication that something has changed—or is wrong—with your vehicle. It’s so easy to overlook signs your car or truck tries to give you while you’re running to a parent-teacher conference or ordering fast food for the family on a busy school night. But, don’t let multi-tasking distract you from being proactive about your vehicle’s warning signs!

A penny for your thoughts—and tires
Keep a penny in your console as a reminder to check your tires periodically. Here in Maryland—especially during the winter months—good tires as essential to your safety when you’re behind the wheel. Every so often, take that penny and stick it in the grooves of your tire. If the top of President Lincoln’s head isn’t hidden within the grooves, you need your tires replaced ASAP. Be sure to perform this test on various parts of each tire, too, so you can see if your tires are wearing evenly and possibly need rotating. Note: Lincoln’s head could be covered in one part of the tire and not the other; you want to do a thorough check.

Keep an eye on the mail
Recall letters come in the mail from time to time—do not ignore them and assume they’re junk mail! Always check to see if these recalls apply to your vehicle.

Change is necessary
Oil changes, that is. The easiest auto maintenance in Rockville, MD you can keep up with is your car’s oil changes. Check with your Preferred Automotive expert to figure out an appropriate oil change schedule for your particular vehicle, driving style, and mileage accumulation.
Cleanliness is close to…
With our salty air and all our winter salt trucks we have here in Maryland, it’s important to keep your car clean year-round. Debris build-up and deicing salt throughout the winter can harm the underside of your vehicle if not regularly washed and rinsed away. I know it’s easy to assume the rain will take care of it—but it won’t.

Give our professionals here at Preferred Automotive a call if you detect a weird sound or to schedule your next oil change! We would love to earn your business!

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