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What Does Your Car Need? Auto Service You Can Count On…

Whether you live here in Rockford, MD, or elsewhere across the country—you have something in common with most people you meet: you rely on a mechanic to help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Today’s vehicle is complex. Computerized machines, high-tech luxuries, and more and more import cars and trucks (which present their own nuances) than ever before. Basically, there’s more to being a good mechanic and part of a reputable repair shop than a baseline of knowledge of parts and the ability to replace them.

Preferred Automotive in Rockville, MD, has been in business and serving this community (in and around Rockford) for more than 26 years. We know our community and we know our customers’ expectations. But, don’t take our word for it! Before you decide to whom you will entrust your vehicle, it often helps to understand the day-to-day tasks of a vehicle mechanic.

Typical day-to-day tasks:

– Customer service
– Fault/Error finding
– Estimates (time and cost)
– Repairs
– Replacements
– Maintenance tasks and checks
– Testing after repairs are complete
– Taking phone calls and answering service-related questions
– Educating customers on at-home maintenance

One of the most common stressors for a vehicle owner is choosing a TRUSTWORTHY auto service shop. We get it. So, our team wants to help you narrow the playing field and choose wisely.

Choosing a good shop for auto services:
Follow these few tips and you will probably find yourself here with us for your next auto service need:

– Choose: independent auto shop or dealership service center? The dealership specialists are typically more expensive and aren’t usually the only qualified technicians within proximity.
– Keep your records in order: This will help you know whether you are receiving a timely recommendation.
– Ask: does the auto shop have experience with your vehicle make? You don’t need your car becoming someone else’s “guinea pig.”
– Do research: The Internet and word-of-mouth will give you useful feedback on shops near you.
– Ask about labor rates: These vary from shop to shop—do not assume all labor rates are considered equal.
– Watch for Red Flags: Does the employee look you in the eye? Do you feel brushed-off when you ask questions? Were services charged without confirming the price (if different than the estimate)? You know when something feels off—pay attention to your gut! You should feel confident, comfortable, and informed throughout the process of receiving any services for your vehicle.
– Educate yourself: You may not want to hear this, but your owner’s manual should be your first go-to. I know, I know. So many of us shove it into our gloveboxes and forget it exists. Please, take it from us here at Preferred Automotive—go through it. Dog-ear the portions of it which make the most sense to you, for reference. At very least, familiarizing yourself with the owner’s manual will help you communicate better with a mechanic when there is a problem.

We hope you find the right auto service Rockville location for you. Our professionals invite you to put our team to the test and allow us to earn your business. We hope to hear from you soon!

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