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Brake Safety Is Everyone’s Business

When it comes to your car or truck’s safety, the brakes are at the top of the list. Unfortunately, this is one area of auto repairs that many people procrastinate to have serviced. Why is this, you ask? The old adage, “out of sight, out of mind” seems to be the culprit. For our team here at Preferred Automotive, brakes are always in sight. But, for the average driver, the tiny warning signs that a vehicle needs brake repair just aren’t always enough to demand attention.

You see, brakes are a normal wear item. This means they will always, at some point, need to be replaced. So, routine maintenance is needed, as is a constant awareness of one’s own vehicle and its nuances. Now, most warnings your car or truck give are subtle. Are you familiar with what to look for to know when the time has come to have your brakes checked? If not, keep reading for brake trouble warning signs so you can get your vehicle the attention it needs!

Warning: pulling left or right is no good
If your car is pulling to the left or right as you come to a stop, you should have your brakes inspected. This is not always easily noticed, but as the problem increases, this “pull” becomes more and more obvious.

Warning: squeaks are not normal
If you hear a squealing as you brake, your pads are likely wearing thin. Often times, this is difficult to notice this right away; many drivers hear the squeal but assume it is coming from elsewhere! Pay attention. If you notice a squeal, tune-in at the next stoplight and see if the sound coincides with you pressing the brake pedal. Roll your window down if you have to. The sooner you know if the squeal is coming from your vehicle, the better. If so, make an appointment to have your brakes inspected.

Warning: a depressed pedal could = trouble
This is less common, but a definite problem. If you notice your brake pedal feels as though it sits lower to the floor than normal, schedule a brake repair appointment immediately.

Warning: an illuminated brake warning light should not be ignored
This seems obvious, but countless drivers dismiss this warning for months and months. A properly operating brake system will not trigger a warning light in your car, so this should not be taken lightly!

Motorists can easily put a stop to avoidable brake system issues by taking these subtle warnings seriously and having their vehicles serviced timely. Not to mention, the sooner issues like these are addressed, the less expensive the repairs will likely be. Here at Preferred Automotive, we are constantly reminding our clients of the importance of Rockville, MD brake repair because they will always, eventually, need to be replaced. And, we will continue to do so! If any of the above is currently true for your vehicle, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

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