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Brake Repairs And Your Vehicle

Properly functioning brakes keep you and your loved ones safe—which I’m sure you know. From an early age, we are all taught to listen and feel for the signs that our brakes need some attention, and yet… we all procrastinate and ignore these signs as adults. Why is that?

Well, in most cases, it’s because we are busy people in a fast-paced society. And, we tend to think things like, “I’ll get to that next weekend” or “I’ll put that on the list for tomorrow.” Sound familiar?

It’s ok. We have all procrastinated on a brake check from time to time. But, this kind of (ahem—lazy) practice can get us into some costly situations with our vehicles. When brakes are left for too long without proper inspection and maintenance (flushing and replacing brake fluid, checking and replacing brake pads), you end up with more extensive issues like damaged rotors, drums, and calipers.

Warning signs your brakes need to be checked by the pros:
You know your brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle and it is very important to get them checked by a professional from occasionally. Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture, oxidizes and becomes contaminated. This process, combined with heat from repeated use, causes corrosion and sluggish brake responses and/or brake failure. In other words, neglecting your brakes will cost you in more ways than one.

In between checks, vehicle owners in the Rockville, MD, area should be sure to pay special attention to the warning signs. If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms when you brake, your brakes probably require servicing:

– Flashing brake warning light
– Pulsing/vibrating in the brake pedal
– Increased stopping distance
– Shaking steering wheel
– Squealing noises
– Grinding noise or grinding feeling in the brake pedal
– Car pulls to one side

Where to go for brake repairs and maintenance
Sure, you can bring your car or truck into any auto shop for a brake inspection or brake repair. But, choosing “just anyone” could mean you overpay or receive less than quality repairs. Why not choose a reputable shop you can trust for your Rockville, MD brake repair and any other vehicle maintenance or repair needs? Here at Preferred Automotive in Rockville, we are advocates of helping you protect your investment by carefully managing your vehicle’s brake system.

Are you currently experiencing one of the above warning signs? Has it been a while since you brought your vehicle in to a shop for a brake check? The professionals here at Preferred are part of a 26-year long family-owned business focused on customer safety, satisfaction, and honest work. We offer full-service, high-quality automotive service at much lower prices than a dealership.

Remember: properly functioning brakes keep you and your loved ones safe and they protect your investment. The professionals here at Preferred Automotive also want to protect you and your investment and we will do it affordably! Call to make an appointment or stop in during our business hours and we will check your brake fluid levels for free!

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