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Brake Repair Advice and Options

With as often as you drive your car, it is no surprise when routine maintenance items come up. You use your brakes on a regular basis and brake repair is inevitable at some point or another. Every vehicle is different and receives wear and tear from frequent use. When you need brake repair, you have a number of options.

1. Do Nothing
This option is one that more people take than you would hope. If you think you need brake repair, you have the choice to ignore the issue. This can be both dangerous and costly. If your brakes get worse, they could fail on you completely leading to a highly dangerous situation. Even if they hold out a bit longer, if you want too long, it can cost even more to get them fixed as more items can be damaged by putting brake repair off.

2. Take the Vehicle to a Random Shop
You can stop into any automotive shop and get brake repair. The problem is, when you’re in a rush and you don’t know the shop, you also don’t know the quality of the brake repairs you are going to get. There’s always a chance the shop won’t do things right or that they will charge you for things you didn’t want to have fixed in the first place.

3. Take the Vehicle to Preferred Automotive
When you bring your vehicle to Preferred Automotive for brake repair, you are making a smart choice. We have been performing brake repair on a number of vehicles since 1990. We are strong advocates for you and we want to carefully manage the investment you have put into your car. That means we will treat you like a good friend or family member. We won’t fix anything without checking with you first and we will only fix things that actually need to be fixed. There will be no surprises on the bill later, either! You’ll know our costs up front before we touch a thing.

Brake Components to Check
Since the brakes are made up of a number of parts, there are quite a few things that can wear down and go wrong with them eventually. The brake pads are the most common type of brake repair necessary and they are the cheapest as well. If you let the pads get too worn, other items can start to go wrong. Rotors, for example, often need to be replaced if brake pads aren’t changed often enough. There could also be issues with brake lines or the master cylinder. But you can leave the details up to the professionals when you bring your vehicle to Preferred Automotive for brake repair. Kick back, relax, and know that you are in good hands.

Whether you need brake repair Rockville, MD, routine maintenance, or more serious repairs, give Preferred Automotive a call today and set up an appointment for your vehicle. You can reach us at 301-881-8530. You’re also welcome to stop by and ask questions. We’re located at 12356 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852.

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