Is my alternator bad? Here are common signs that say yes

Is my alternator bad? Here are common signs that say yes

For your vehicle to reliably start up and cruise along without interruption, it's important that your alternator is healthy. If your alternator is failing, then your battery's power reserve could become drained to the point that your car dies and won't start back up, leaving you in need of assistance. At Preferred Automotive, our local mechanics can expertly address any of your alternator or electrical system needs.

Symptoms of Alternator Failure

A dashboard warning light is often the first indication that alternator trouble is brewing. This light commonly reads ALT or GEN, but in some cars turns on in the shape of a little battery. Anytime a warning light comes on, it's important to figure out what exactly is triggering it so that the underlying problem can be addressed before it worsens. Another well-known sign of alternator trouble is a dead battery. Brand new car batteries should work dependably for a minimum of three years, if not significantly longer. If your battery dies before this timeframe and not because of an obvious issue like leaving your headlights on, then you may have a malfunctioning alternator.

If your alternator isn't functioning properly, then you may notice electrical accessory problems. Modern vehicles are regularly equipped with computers that can determine which electrical accessories should first have their power reduced when the alternator isn't working like it should. The conserves power for the car's most pressing electrical needs, but can lead to issues with accessories like power seats or the radio. Alternator trouble can also cause problems with headlights. If your headlights start acting erratically, it can pose a significant safety hazard, especially if you need to drive at night on roads that are poorly lit. An alternator problem can also hinder safety if your vehicle stalls out in the middle of traffic because spark plugs aren't getting enough power.

Alternator & Auto Electric Repair in Rockville, MD

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Posted: August 08, 2021

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